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What are ancestral problems?

Description: This article provides information about what are various ancestral problems experienced by us.


In our life, we experience problems due to physical, psychological and spiritual factors. In fact, 80% of our problems are due to the spiritual factors. The problems due to spiritual factors can be mainly classified into Destiny and Ancestral problems.

In this article, we will explain about the ancestral problems.

What are ancestral problems?

A few decades ago, majority of people used to perform shrāadha and do some sādhanā on regular basis. However, as the modernisation began, people’s faith in Spirituality started to decline. As a result, people started losing interest in sadhana, performing shraaddha and other rituals.

In the present times, most people do not perform shraaddha, as a result, almost everyone suffers from problems caused by the subtle bodies of departed ancestors. Only a spiritually evolved person can identify whether we have ancestral problems or not. However, in the absence of a spiritually evolved person, the following examples can help us identify the ancestral problems.

Examples of ancestral problems

  • Inability to get married
  • Marital disharmony
  • Inability to conceive a child or abortions
  • Premature babies
  • Mentally challenged children
  • Not getting along with the family
  • Constant fights in the family or Physical assaults
  • Nightmares or seeing snakes in dreams
  • Seeing ancestors in dreams

Remedies for ancestral problems

When the problems do not get resolved despite trying hard, we can consider that the problem is due to spiritual factors/ancestors. Unfortunately, out of ignorance and desperation to resolve the problems, people go to healers/mantriks. Most of the healers/mantriks are fake, thus, people get cheated by them. In some cases, the healers/mantriks give remedy which provides temporary relief; and the problems comes back after some period.

Therefore, it is important to apply remedies which have long-lasting effect. Chanting Deity Datta’s Name is the most effective remedy, which can get rid of the ancestral problem completely.

Refer to our article ‘Importance of Deity Datta’s chant `Shri Gurudēv  Datta’ for further details.

Other remedies

  1. Avoiding keeping photos of deceased ancestors: We love and respect our ancestors, and keep their photos and other belongings as remembrance. However, did you know that according to one spiritual principle word, touch, form, taste, smell and Shakti co-exist? The vibrations of the departed ancestors in photos attract them towards it. We perform shraaddha so that our ancestors get the momentum and move on in their life after-death; but due to keeping their photos, etc. their onward movement gets hampered. If we do not keep their photos; would it reduce our love and respect for them? It won’t. Hence, it is best to avoid keeping pictures or other belongings of departed ancestors for their benefit.
  2. Lighting incense sticks: Light sāttvik incense sticks in the house to ward off the negative energies.
  3. Purification of the premises (vastu-shudhi): Purify the house daily with a mixture of water and Holy ash obtained from sattvik incense stick. This can be done by preparing a mixture and storing it in a spray bottle. Every morning and after sunset, we should go around the house from right to left (in anti-clockwise  manner, i.e. in the opposite direction of circumambulation) and sprinkle this mixture in all the corners and along the walls of the vastu. After completion, we can keep the spray bottle near altar.
  4. Affixing house plan to Deity Datta’s picture: We can get a copy of floor plans of the house or draw a rough sketch, and affix it to the picture of Deity Datta. If we feel someone in the family has severe ancestral problem, then we can write his/her name on a piece of paper and affix it as cited above.
  5. Consuming Holy ash: Add Holy ash of sattvik incense stick in the food, drinks consumed by the family member who has severe distress, without his knowledge. If the person comes to know about it, he/she may resist having that food or drink.
  6. Seeing subtle bodies: If someone sees subtle bodies of ancestors, then affix small picture of Deity Datta on the forehead.
  7. Playing Deity Datta chant: Play ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ chant aloud for at least 1 hour in the premises to purify it from any negative vibrations.
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  3. What should be done when death occurs in our family? (Coming soon)

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