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Akshaya Tritiya

Akshaya Tritiya – one of the three and half muhurtas

Akshay Tritiya – A Spiritual Celebration

1. Introduction 2. The importance of praying to Vaibhavlakshmī along with Shrī Vishnu* 3. The ritual of offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana)* 3.1 Offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana) to Deities 3.2 Offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana) to departed ancestors 3.3 The spiritual experience of … Continue reading

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Akshaya Tritiya (Trutiya) – A Spiritual Perspective

Introduction: Akshaya Tritiya – Let us understand the significance of this auspicious day. There are three and a half auspicious times (muhūrtas) in a year. These are the entire days of Akshaya Tritiya (Trutīyā), Samvatsaraarambh (Gudhipadwa) and Dasheraa and the half … Continue reading

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