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Hindu Festivals

H.H. Dr. Athavale’s Guru purnima Message

O Hindus ! Become the immortal flame in the historical chapter on establishment of the Hindu Nation and preserve the heritage of Guru-disciple tradition ! Guru purnima is the day of offering gratitude unto the Guru ! The real mission … Continue reading

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Shri Parshuram Jayanti

Introduction Shrī Parshuram is sixth reincarnation of Shrīvishnu. His legends are found in the Holy texts, Rāmāyan, Mahābhārat and some Purāns. Shri Parashuram’s mother was Renuka and father was Rushi Jamadagni. He was born in Bhrugu dynasty. Shri Parashuram was born in the … Continue reading

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Akshay Tritiya – A Spiritual Celebration

1. Introduction 2. The importance of praying to Vaibhavlakshmī along with Shrī Vishnu* 3. The ritual of offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana)* 3.1 Offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana) to Deities 3.2 Offering sesame seeds (til-tarpana) to departed ancestors 3.3 The spiritual experience of … Continue reading

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Akshaya Tritiya (Trutiya) – A Spiritual Perspective

Introduction: Akshaya Tritiya – Let us understand the significance of this auspicious day. There are three and a half auspicious times (muhūrtas) in a year. These are the entire days of Akshaya Tritiya (Trutīyā), Samvatsaraarambh (Gudhipadwa) and Dasheraa and the half … Continue reading

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Hanuman Jayanti – A Spiritual Celebration

Introduction Tithi (Date according to the Hindu lunar calendar) According to some almanacs the tithi of Deity Hanumān’s birth (Hanuman Jayanti) is Ashwin Vadya Chaturdashī while others quote it to be on Chaitra Pourṇimā. How is Hanuman Jayanti celebrated? On this day, devotional discourses (kīrtan) are held in … Continue reading

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Shri Ram Navami – How to Celebrate?

1. Introduction 2. Worship of Shriram 2.1 Ritualistic Worship (pūjā): 3. Celebration of Shri Ram Navami 4. Spiritual experiences of seekers related to the Shri Ramnavami celebration 1. Introduction Shrī Rāmnavamī is celebrated to proclaim the birth of Shrīrām, the seventh incarnation … Continue reading

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Message of H. H. Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale on The Hindu New Year


History has been witness to the fact that struggle is inevitable for the re-establishment of Dharma (Righteousness). Lord Shriram united 18 Padma (1 Padma = 1015) monkeys to establish ‘Ramrajya’, while Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj united thousands of Mavalas to fight … Continue reading

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Significance of Gudi Padwa – Hindu New Year

1. Introduction 2. Significance of Gudi padwa 3. Scriptural view of Gudi padwa (Chaitra Shukla Pratipada) 4. Significance of the special DharmaDhwaj** 5. The ideal time to hoist the DharmaDhwaj* 6. Importance of the substances used for hoisting the DharmaDhwaj* 1. Introduction The Holy … Continue reading

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Hindu New Year

Hindu New Year

Introduction There are several ways of commencing a New Year. According to the Christian calendar, 1st January marks the beginning of the year. The financial year begins from 1st April, the Hindu New Year from the first day (Pratipadā) of … Continue reading

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Holi – A Spiritual Celebration

Holi is celebrated from the full moon day (Pournimā) of the Hindu lunar month of Phālgun till the fifth day (Panchamī). Depending on the regional variations in India, it is celebrated from two to five days. It is a festival of radiance … Continue reading

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