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Creation of the universe

Description: This article provides information about the creation of the Universe according to Hindu Dharma


There are many theories regarding the creation of the Universe, such as the Big Bang theory, the Protouniverse theory, the Inflationary theory, the Bubble Universe theory, etc. Out of these the Big Bang theory is most widely accepted by the scientific community. According to this theory, the big bang occurred almost 13.8 billion years ago and the Universe came into existence.

In this article, we will explain concepts of the Creation of the Universe according to Hindu Dharma.

Creation of the Universe

In a Hindu Scripture, the ‘Chandogyupanishad’, it is said that the Supreme God (Paramēshwar) made a sankalpa (resolve) ‘I am one, I will manifest in several forms’, and the Universe was created.

The calculation of the number of years since the creation of the Universe as well as the number of years till the dissolution of the Universe has been done by the Sages in India. Sage Vasishtha has mentioned that the creation of the Universe happened 34.5 billion years ago.

The creation of the Universe happened on the Hindu Calendar Date (tithi) of Chaitra Shukla Pratipadā. Thus, the Hindu calendar begins on the sunrise of this tithi. This date usually falls on any day from late March to mid-April on the Gregorian calendar.

Time span of the creation of the Universe

India is the spiritual guide of the world; hence the Sages have the Divine capability to calculate the time span since the beginning of the Universe. Just as one year is divided into 12 months, each month is divided into 30 or 31 days, each day is divided into 24 hours and so on, similarly, the Sages have calculated the time span since the creation of the Universe using Their spiritual strength as follows –

The time span has been divided into thousands of years, called as Yugas. There are four Yugas in total.

1. Satyayuga   :           1,728,000 years

2. Trētāyug    :           1,296,000 years

3. Dwāparyug :           864,000 years

4. Kaliyuga      :           432,000 years

         Total       :           4,320,000 years

  • The total number of years of all these four Yugas is known as a Mahāyuga.

1 Mahayuga = 4,320,000 years 

When a Mahayuga is multiplied by 1000, it is known as 1 kalpa.

A kalpa is one day in the life of Deity Brahma. One night in the life Deity Brahma is also as long as 1 kalpa

  • 1 kalpa (One Day of Deity Brahmā)

4,320,000 x 1000

4,320,000,000 years

  • 1 kalpa (One Night of Deity Brahma)

4,320,000 x 1000

4,320,000,000 years 

At the end of each kalpa, the Bhūlok  (Earth region), Bhuvarloka (Nether plane) and Swargaloka (Heaven) are dissolved and new creation begins.

  • 1 day + 1 night of Deity Brahma

4,320,000,000 + 4,320,000,000

8,640,000,000 years

  • 1 year of Deity Brahma

360 days + 360 nights

4,320,000,000 x 360 + 4,320,000,000 x 360

1,555,200,000,000 + 1,555,200,000,000

3,110,400,000,000 years

  • The lifespan of Deity Brahma is 100 years

3,110,400,000,000 x 100

311,040,000,000,000 years

When Deity Brahma’s lifespan culminates, there is complete dissolution of all creation and new creation begins. Currently, 50 years of Deity Brahma have passed and we are in the 51st year of Deity Brahma’s lifespan.


The above information highlights the greatness of Hindu Dharma. Indian Sages have calculated the exact time span since the creation of the Universe and have also studied when the dissolution of this creation will occur. They have also told us the exact day when the creation of the Universe happened.

This is just one example of the greatness of Hindu Dharma; like this, there are many examples where we can learn about the greatness of Hindu Dharma. Being a follower of Hindu Dharma, naturally this will make us proud of our Hindu Dharma.

If we compare the above with the history of December 31 or January 1; it will be clear that Hindu Dharma’s information has been derived after in-depth study by the Sages. Hence, celebrations of December 31 or January 1 have no spiritual significance. Therefore, let us celebrate New Year on the tithi (Hindu Calendar Date) Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, instead of celebrating December 31 as New Year’s eve and January 1 as the New Year,.

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