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Sanatan’s Shree Ganesh murti

Inspiration: H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, founder of Sanatan Sanstha

Sculptor: Shree Ganēsh devotee, Mr. Gurudas Khandeparkar

Features: 28.3% Shree Ganesh principle (30% is maximum possible principle in current age of Kaliyug, most idols available in markets have less than 5%)

Place of creation: Sanatan Sanstha’s hermitage (Āshram) in Ramnathi, Goa, India.

Material used: special (shaadu) clay

Benefits: Spiritual experiences of Bliss (Ānand), Serenity (Shānti) and awakening of spiritual emotion (bhāv)

Science of Spirituality behind the Sāttvik Shree Ganesh murti

Anything done in accordance to science of Spirituality proves most beneficial. Keeping this fact in mind if the idol of Shree Ganesh is made as advised in the ‘Science behind the sculpting idols’ (Mūrtividnyan) then maximum amount of subtle particles (pavitraks) are attracted to the idol and the worshipper is benefited accordingly. Unfortunately, in today’s times idols that are made are not in accordance with the basic science but are made depending on one’s liking and imagination. Thus, it is noticed that nowadays various types of Shree Ganesh murti having different shapes and forms are being worshipped. From spiritual point of view, any idol of a Deity must be prepared in such a way that it can invoke maximum amount of the Divine energy of that particular Deity because the very purpose of idols is to worship that Deity. Therefore, the proportions of the idol, details, ornaments, etc. should be closest to the actual form of the Deity. In this article we will explain about idol of Shree Ganesh that has been prepared by Mr. Gurudas Khandeparker under the guidance of H.H. Dr. Jayant Athavale, who is the founder of Sanatan Sanstha.

In this era (Kaliyuga), an idol can attract maximum 30% Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) of that particular Deity. Mr. Khandeparkar, a seeker of Sanatan, has been practicing spirituality through the path of sculpting and as a part of his spiritual practice prepared the Shree Ganesh murti. As a result of his devotion and spiritual efforts, with the grace of Shree Ganesh and H.H. Dr. Athavale, this Ganesh murti has been able to attract 30% Divine energy of Shree Ganesh. In India, when this Ganesh murti was taken to various places for people to derive the spiritual benefit, many people found the Ganesh murti to be alive, and got spiritual experiences too. People experienced immediate reduction in their distress after performing circumambulation around the murti for 21 times.

(Note – According to the science of spirituality 80% of problems in our lives are due to spiritual causes and thus get reduced when one takes spiritual measures. Read an in-depth article on these spiritual causes.)

Similarities of Sanatan’s Shree Ganesh murti with that of an Incarnation

  1. The mission of an Incarnation begins even before their birth. Sanatan’s Shree Ganesh’s murti has achieved similarly. Even as the idol was being prepared and not complete many seekers and Saints got spiritual experiences from it.

  2. Incarnations begin their mission immediately after their birth.. Similarly, people are receiving (Chaitanya) and are receiving spiritual treatment from the idol even though no rituals or pūjā had been performed on it.

  3. I felt that the idol should be painted white and sent everywhere. Then I realised that in Kaliyuga, (the incarnation of ?) Shree Ganesh is white in colour. – H.H. Dr. Athavale.

Below is a drawing of the subtle vision of a seeker of Sanatan, when observing Mr. Khandeparkar sculpt the idol.

  1. God gives knowledge about preparing the idol

  2. Flow of Chaitanya

  3. God’s energy (Shakti) entering the hands from top of the head (Brahmarandhra) and from hands to the idol

  4. Shower of Chaitanya and Bliss on Shree Ganesh’s idol

  5. Support band

  6. Shower of energy (Shakti) on Shree Ganesh’s idol

  7. Bhav and surrender

  8. Protection from negative forces

  9. Continuous prayer

Experiences of some of the devotees who came to pay obeisance to and circumambulate the idol in an exhibition held in Brisbane, Australia:

    “I felt as if the idol is alive and saw His hands move.”

    “I felt peaceful and happy looking at the idol.”

    “I felt very peaceful and my chanting automatically started.”

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