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Guru disciple tradition should become more active for the protection of Dharma

Message from H.H. Dr. Athavale on occasion of Gurupourṇimā

Guru disciple tradition should become more active for the protection of Dharma!

H.H. Dr. Athavale (Parampujya), Ramnathi (Ponda, Goa)


(Note to reader: The following message was for year 2008 and contains some of the incidences in India. These are kept as they are, as each and every word of Saint’s message is full of Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya))

Gurupournima is the day to worship the Guru and to express complete gratitude for what we have received and have been receiving from Him. On this day, remembering the great Guru-disciple tradition, seekers from all faculties who represent the Sanatan Hindu culture and who preserve the Guru disciple tradition worship the Guru. The Guru disciple tradition is a gift of Sanatan Hindu culture to the world. The tradition is at the core of the system of imparting of knowledge and learning, in which the relationship of the one who imparts knowledge and the one who receives it are exemplary. The knowledge-giver does not shoulder the responsibility of imparting knowledge only, but also teaching the seeker life values. Here, the one who absorbs knowledge is not a student who learns for the sake of livelihood only, but is a seeker who learns with the aim of development of his knowledge. In our culture the concept of ‘knowledge’ is related to attainment of God. It is called the ‘Supreme Knowledge’, because only those who have the authority to do so – the Gurus – impart this knowledge! Words fail to describe the grandeur of a culture that boasts of worship of such a glorious Guru-disciple tradition!

Despite this, Sanatan Hindu Dharma, which has given this unique gift to the world, is passing through testing times. To cite a recent example, in a Hollywood movie ‘The Love Guru’, denigration of the Guru concept has been brazenly committed. We say that the Guru-disciple tradition is from this Holy land; but with a view to hammer on us that it is not ours, false history is being repeatedly taught that ‘this culture is of the Aryans and they have come from outside. Hence, this culture is not from this land.’ Imparting knowledge about attainment of God means providing knowledge of Dharma. It is common experience that those who impart such knowledge are often under attack from heretics.

Recently Mr. Sudhakaran, Devasvam Minister from Kerala made a despicable statement that “Gurus do not wear underwear; they should first learn to wear them!”

Sadly, the Government does not promote the Sanatan Hindu culture in any way. On the contrary, it has been proved a number of times that it seeks to destroy it, be it the Setusamudram Project to destroy the Shrīrām Setu or various Government projects to conceal the blood-stained history of Islam perpetrating heinous atrocities on the Hindus. Under these circumstances, while worshipping the Guru on Gurupournima, instead of expecting that ‘I should get something’, we should try to get the grace of the Guru to obtain necessary strength and intellect for the protection of the Dharma, which has handed down this splendid Guru disciple tradition through generations. Jagadguru Bhagawān Shrīkrushṇa said to His disciple Arjun – “O Arjun (i.e. seeker), get up with determination and fight to destroy the evil-doers.” (Shrīmadbhagwadgitā 2.37)

The Guru Principle is active a 1000 times more on the day of Gurupournima. So the disciple gets more of Guru’s grace. If we protect Dharma (Righteousness), Dharma will protect us. With the same rule, if the traditions of Dharma do something for the protection of Dharma, they are not only protected but also promoted. If this happens the entire year, it will guarantee non-stop showering of Guru’s grace. The Gurus in the gross form may be different, but the Principle is one. I pray at the Holy Feet of the Principle and Shrī Guru H.H. Bhaktarāj Mahārāj that all seekers should get necessary strength and intellect to become pro-active for protection of Dharma and those who are already active, should continue to receive incessant flow of Guru’s grace.

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