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Importance of Gurukrupa yoga

1. Gurukrupa yoga enhances reduction of ego

‘The values of Gurukrupa yoga teach the embodied soul (jīva), how spiritual practice done for the spread of spirituality (samashṭi sādhanā), helps in reducing ego faster than individual spiritual practice. This is because of Divine Consciousness (Chaitanya) being provided at respective levels for reducing ego due to spiritual emotion towards serving for the noble cause (sēvābhāv) in spiritual practice for the spread of spirituality.’

2. Embodied soul practising Gurukrupa yoga does not get trapped in saptapātāl  and saptalok

‘Embodied souls (jīvas) who follow spiritual practice by the path of Gurukrupāyoga in Kaliyuga, know how to fight obstacles faced from the seven lower levels of netherworld where one experiences suffering (saptapātāl) and seven higher levels of subtle region (saptalok) in the least possible time, which means obstacles faced in spiritual practice at all levels. Hence those embodied souls (jīvas) have a very remote possibility of getting entangled at those levels in gross or in subtle.’

3. Gurukrupa yoga is the ultimate path to final liberation

‘Embodied souls (jīvas) who perform spiritual practice for the spread of spirituality, by following the path of Gurukrupāyoga, stroll in Divine kingdom and have achieved perfection in all walks of life. This is because during this period, they get trained on how to overcome the distress caused by worst kind of evil powers with the help of Guru’s grace and how to fight all future obstacles that may come in their way. Hence they get liberated at the level of actual give and take account and without taking re-birth, gain spiritual momentum to get elevated to higher spiritual planes (lokas).’

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