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Gurupournima related Spiritual Experiences of seekers

The Muslim girl manifested after sitting on the bench where the Gurupournimā special edition paper was kept

On 10/07/2006, I started for Jalgaon with  Gurupournimaspecial edition in the “Bhusawal Passenger” train (place in India).  I had kept the special editions under a berth. At Igatpuri (place in India), one Muslim came with his daughter and sat on the berth next to me. Within half an hour they both came and sat next to me. After some time the girl manifested and started making many hand gestures. She shouted” Kazi don’t beat me, I will leave her, the whip lashes are hurting me.”  After she manifested I got up and sat on a different berth. At that time my nāmjap was happening. Throughout the entire travel no one sat next to her. That girl was in such manifested state for 3 hours. Later they both got down at Chalisgaon. At that time I realized that’ I had kept that pile of special edition of Gurupournima. The girl suffered because she couldn’t tolerate the Chaitanya emitted from the special edition. ‘

– A Seeker, Sanatan hermitage Devad, India

Desire for sādhanā increased after having very good spiritual experiences at the venue on the Gurupournima day:

I started spiritual practice by the path of Gurukrupāyoga in 01/01/2004. After few days I experienced my first Gurupournima. We were explained the importance of donation (arpan) during Gurupournima. Accordingly we were supposed to collect donations from the society. When I first went to my colony for collecting donation, people there said ” Where did you start asking for such alms?” At that time I got very angry. On the Gurupournima day when I attended the function, I had very good spiritual experiences (ānubhūtis). After that I developed intense desire (talmal) for sadhana. At the time itself, I decided that now I will never turn back. From that day onwards I started attending satsangs, meeting senior seekers, study sessions etc. One day as I got late from the satsang, my husband got very angry at me. Next week when I attended the satsang, he came to drop me. He liked the atmosphere which was full of Divine consciousness (Chaitanya) and his sadhana too started from that day onwards.

Initially there was opposition for putting up a banner (made of cloth) during Gurupournima but permission was granted by the very same person later on

Initially during Gurupournima, the owner of the hall, denied us the permission to put up the cloth banner and started to scold us. We seekers started requesting him politely but he was not in the listening mode at all. At that time I reminded all seekers to pray to H H Dr. Athavale. So we all prayed unto His holy feet. Within 10 mins, the owner came back and said that it will be good if you put up banner at the corner, at that moment we all experienced the importance of active Guru principle (tattva).

– A Seeker, Karad, India.

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