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Does your Hindu temple do this?

  • Offering unripe fruits (e.g. bananas), Pizza, Donuts other fast foods as prasād (Sacrament)

  • The Hindu Temple does not offer the Sāttvik prasad to the God which is prepared by devotee with all bhāv

  • Priests attending the cell phone calls in front of the sanctum and talking

  • Priests or temple management chit chat loudly in the temple

  • The Hindu Temple does not maintain cleanliness in regards to prasad/Snow/Rain

  • The Hindu Temple timings are not maintained correctly

  • The local Hindu Temple collecting lot of money for any sēvā

  • The Hindu Temple does not provide service e.g. shrāddha rites

  • The Hindu Temple does not have any representative to explain about the spiritual science behind the Dharmik acts (e.g. US American walks into temple offers prayers asks question such as why we need to apply Kum-Kum)

  • The Hindu Temple does not provide any Hindu Dharma education classes

  • The Hindu Temple playing movie songs or allowing DJ music in Navarātra celebrations

  • The Hindu Temple allowing others to conduct bhajans or playing devotional songs in high volume

  • Priest does not follow certain rituals as per the Scriptures (Agama shastras)

  • Priest does not recite manthras correctly (e.g. very fast, improper pronunciation)

  • Priest reusing the paraphernalia already used (e.g. untidy oil lamp with wick used some days back)

  • Temple does not provide paraphernalia even after collecting the donations

  • Priests touches the devotee palms with the spoon (Udharni) when offering the Holy water (Tīrtha)

  • Devotees are allowed to wear foot wear in the temple premises

  • Temple management or any one wearing shoe covers on top of the foot wear and walking in the temple

  • Temple does not provide parking place to visitors

  • Temple does not maintain the restrooms properly, there is no paper towels available (e.g. mother carrying the infant may need some paper towels)

  • Temple does not answer phone calls or return any voice messages

  • Temple does not provide proper facilities (e.g. tap to wash feet/shoe racks/coat hangers)

  • Temple does not post sign boards to avoid illegal activities (e.g. Smoking/ Drinking/Screaming)

  • Temple using candles instead of Ghee or oil lamps

  • Temples selling distorted religious books/pictures/CD/videos on Hinduism or selling books on other faiths

  • Temple selling spoiled prasad

  • Temple forcefully collecting donations from the devotees for temple projects

  • Temple does not post details on code of conducts, rules and regulations (e.g. Priest or visitors attire)

  • Temple funds are misused (e.g. conducting fund raising events in star hotels followed with DJ music/serving liquor/ non vegetarian food)

Please keep us informed at [email protected] about any of the above or any other malpractices carried out at your local temple.

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