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How to celebrate Devdiwali?

Description: This article provides information about how Dēvdiwāli is celebrated.


This is a synonym for the first day (Pratipadā) of the bright fortnight of Mārgashirsha. On this day, the family Deity (Kuladēvtā), Ishtadēvtā (Favourite Deity) and other Deities are worshipped and the duty of giving Them Their share of respect is fulfilled.

Importance of Devdiwali

In addition to the Family Deity, Favourite Deity, the ritualistic worship and offering of Naivēdya to Other Deities is necessary once a year. This is done on Devdiwali.


Alongwith the Family Deity, Favourite Deity, Sthāndēvtā (Deity of premises), Vāstudēvtā (Deity of place), Grāmdēvtā (Deity of village), Other Deities worshipped in that village or town, and Other Inferior Deities are worshipped and duty of giving Them Their share of respect is fulfilled. These Deities are offered delicacies as offering (Mahā Naivedya).

Source: Publication – Holy festivals, Religious festivals and Vowed religious observances, published by Sanatan.

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