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How to celebrate Tulsi vivah?

Description: This article provides information about how Tulsi vivāh is celebrated.

Tulsī vivah

This ritual consists of uniting Shrivishṇu [an idol of Balkrushṇa (Baby Krushṇa)], and the Holy basil (tulsī) plant in wedlock. In ancient times the practice of child marriage was prevalent. This ritual is performed on any day between the eleventh (Ēkādashī) and the full moon day (Pourṇimā) of the bright fortnight of Kārtik. On the eve of the wedding the base of the basil plant is painted and decorated. Sugarcane and marigold flowers are placed next to the plant. Tamarind and amla are placed at its bottom. The wedding ceremony is performed in the evening. All the vowed religious observances undertaken in the four months (chaturmas) after the tulsī vivah on the twelfth day (Dwādashī) of the bright fortnight of Kārtik, are concluded. All the food items which one has not eaten due to forbiddance are first offered to a Brāhmaṇs and then partaken of.

Source: Publication – Holy festivals, Religious festivals and Vowed religious observances, published by Sanatan.

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