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Importance of chanting Deity Datta’s chant while carrying a dead body for cremation

Description : This article provides information about the spiritual science behind chanting Deity Datta’s Name while carrying the dead body for the final rites


Death is a phenomenon that each one of us is going to experience at some point in our life time. We all have experienced death of our loved ones; some of us have also carried the dead body’s bier on shoulders. The event of death in a family is sorrowful; yet, most people try to remain calm and make efforts for the ceremony of last rites.

In this article, we will explain how we can derive the benefits of Deity Datta and His Name when a death occurs in our family as well as when undertaking the ceremony of last rites.

Importance of chanting Deity Datta’s Name

One of the missions of Deity Datta is to provide momentum to the subtle body of the dead person as well as the subtle bodies of ancestors who are stuck in the subtle planes of existence. When death occurs in our family, it proves to be beneficial to chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ aloud. Similarly, during the process of carrying the dead body to the crematorium, it is important to chant ‘Shri Gurudēv  Datta’ loudly.

Benefits of chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ aloud

  • Momentum for the journey after life : By chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ aloud, the subtle body of the dead person and ancestors stuck in the environment gain momentum to get on with their after life in much less time.
  • Reduction in distress of negative energies: As the frequencies emitted from the dead body are connected with desires of his physical body, chanting aloud aids in effective disintegration of these frequencies.

Spiritual science: The sound vibrations of the aloud chanting strike in the atmosphere creating physical energy. Due to which, the inferior negative energies run away and the ancestors related to the dead person obtain the strength from the chant of Deity Datta.

Generally, inferior types of negatives energies gather around to cause distress to the subtle bodies that have high desires. Therefore, as compared to chanting mentally chanting aloud is more effective in less time.

  • Impression of chanting on the subtle body: Chanting aloud creates an impression of the chant on the subtle body. If the dead person had not been doing any spiritual practice, then it cannot recognize the subtle vibrations of mental chanting; hence cannot obtain the strength from it.
  • Reduction in sorrow: After death in a family, the environment is sorrowful. People feel  grief due to the remembrance of the deceased person. In such a situation, chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ loudly prevents diversion of mind and provides the mental strength to endure the sorrow.
  • Collectively chanting aloud: Collectively chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ aloud has great impact on the environment. Everyone derives the benefits of samashti sādhanā, as the seed of sadhana of chanting gets sown in everyone’s mind

Practical tips

  • In our country of residence, it may be difficult to chant loudly or to carry the dead body openly on the streets. In such cases, those who accompany the dead body can chant aloud in the car.
  • When the dead body is carried out of the house, at that time also one can chant aloud till the body is kept in the vehicle.
  • Chanting loudly can be done inside the house depending on the time of the death. If the death happens at odd hours, then it is alright to chant in a low voice so that the neighbours are not disturbed.
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