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Importance of Chanting “Shree Gurudev Datta”

Description: This article provides information about the importance of chanting Deity Datta’s Name


Chanting the Name of Deity is a common method of worshipping a Deity. The chant of any Deity contains that particular Deity’s Name; hence it has that Deity’s principle as well, due to which the one who chants the Name, derives its benefits.

Chanting is a superior form of spiritual practice as compared to the acts of rituals (karma kānd); however, only after reaching a spiritual level of 40% can one start doing chanting. However, the most common mistake people make is to choose a Deity of their liking and start chanting that Deity’s Name. We derive most benefits if the chanting is done according to the basic principles of Spirituality.

The most appropriate chanting in this era is that of Kuladēvatā (Family Deity); which helps us endure our Destiny, and of Deity Datta, which protects us from the ancestral problems.

In this article, we will explain the importance of Deity Datta’s chant ‘Shri Gurudēv  Datta’.

Importance of Deity Datta’s chanting

Almost all of us experience problems in our life due to the departed ancestors’ subtle bodies which are stuck in Martyaloka and Bhuvaloka. These problems include inability to get married, marital disharmony, inability to conceive children, premature babies, mentally challenged children, etc. Many members of the family experience these problems and cannot overcome them despite trying hard to resolve these problems. To overcome such problems, it is important to chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’, depending on the severity of the problem.

Benefits of chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta

  • Creation of protective shield: By chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’, a subtle protective shield forms around us gradually through the energy created by the chant. This protective shield protects us from the problems caused by the ancestors. As a result, the problems in our life gradually reduce. Therefore, it is important to do this chanting consistently every day.
  • Momentum for ancestors: Generally, people who do not do any sādhanā (spiritual practice) during their lifetime are extremely engrossed in worldly life. Due to this, after death, their subtle bodies remain unsatisfied and get stuck in the region of the dead (martyaloka). When we chant ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’, the spiritual energy from the chant provides momentum to the ancestors trapped in martyalok. Later they can proceed ahead in their after life according to their deeds. As a result, the problems caused by them also reduce.

How much chanting should be done?

The amount of chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’ should be done based on the severity of the ancestral problems.

  • Mild ancestral problems: One can begin with 15 minutes of chanting daily and gradually increase it to 1 hour daily.
  • Moderate ancestral problems: One can begin with 30 minutes of chanting daily and gradually increase it to 2 hours daily.
  • Severe ancestral problems: One can begin with at least 45 minutes (or 9 rounds of mala) daily and gradually increase it to 4 hours daily. Instead of chanting ‘Shri Gurudev Datta’, it is more beneficial if one chants ‘Digambara Digambara Shrīpad Vallabh Digambara’ to overcome severe ancestral problem. People with severe ancestral problems should also perform rites such as Nārāyana Nāgbali, Nagbali, Tripindi shrāadha, Kalsarpashanti at a place where there is Jyotirlinga.
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