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Major Holy places of Deity Dattatreya

Description: This article provides information about the major Holy places of Deity Dattatreya.


The birth of Deity Datta, Who incarnated on the full moon day (pournimā) of the Hindu lunar month of Mārgshīrsha, is celebrated as Datta Jayantī. In the previous eras, the atrocities of demonic forces increased tremendously; hence, Deity Dattatreya incarnated in different forms and destroyed the demons.
On Datta Jayanti, Deity Datta’s principle is 1000 times more active on Earth as compared to any other day. By worshipping Deity Datta with devotion and chanting ‘Shrī Gurudēv Datta’ for at least 2 hours, one can derive maximum benefit of the Deity Datta principle.

Major Holy places

During the holidays, people go to various tourist attractions; however, one may not obtain the spiritual benefits of such visits. Tourist attractions can give us happiness only at the psychological level. Contrary to this, places which are spiritually active give us the anubhūtis(spiritual experiences) that help us increase our faith in God, thus aiding in our spiritual progress.
All the Holy places of Deity Datta are extremely active. If one visits such places during holidays; they can derive the benefit of the Shakti (Divine Energy) which is active in that Holy place. When we visit such active Holy places, we get the anubhuti of feeling peaceful, Blissful, increase in enthusiasm, etc. Following are major Holy places of Deity Datta.

State of Andhra Pradesh, India

1.    Pithapur: This place is a birthplace of Shripad ShriVallabh, an Incarnation of Deity Datta
2.    Shreeshailya: Near Bhagyanagar

State of Gujarat, India

1.    Girnaar: Junagadh, Saurashtra, State of Gujarat, India
This place is located on a mountain, which has 10,000 steps to climb up.

State of Karnataka, India

1.    Gaanagaapur: This place is located on the bank of river Bheema. Shrī Nrusimha Saraswati had lived here for twenty-three years. Here, many people come to get rid of their illnesses and spiritual problems related to possession.
2.    Kuravpur: This place is known for Sripad SriVallabh’s mission.

State of Maharashtra, India

1.    Maahur: Nanded District
2.    Kaaranjaa: This is the birthplace of Shri Nrusimha Saraswati, an Incarnation of Deity Datta.
3.    Oudumbar: This place is located on the bank of river Krushna, which is 10 Km. far from Bhilwadi station. Shri Nrusimha Saraswati, an Incarnation of Deity Datta had lived here for some time.
4.    Narsobawaadi (Narsobachi wadi): Kolhapur district
This place is situated on the bank of river Krushna. River Panchganga meets river Krushna at this Holy place. Shri Nrusimha Saraswati had lived here for twelve years.
5.    Paanchaleshwar

State of Uttar Pradesh, India

1.    Varanasi: Here, Deity Dattatreya math exists on Narad ghaat


1.    Bhattgaav or Bhadgaav: 30 Km. from Kathmandu,


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