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New Year Celebrations

Description: This article poses some questions regarding the celebrations of New Year.


The arrival of New Year is celebrated on a very large scale all over the world. These days it is a trend to have parties, fireworks, drinking, eating and enjoying on the eve of New Year. The New Year is just after the Christmas holidays and hence people combine these two celebrations.

What is New Year?

The actual New Year varies throughout the world. January 1 became the first day of the year as per the Roman Julian Calendar, although, these days many countries have started following the Gregorian calendar. However, the reasoning behind considering January 1 as the first day of the year is neither consistent nor accurate.

There are many beliefs about the day of New Year. Chinese New Year falls around January-February, Muslim New Year varies as per the occurrence of Moharram in Islamic Calendar, Indian New Year varies as per regions, some celebrate it in October-November, some in March, etc. Irrespective of the different times to celebrate New Year, most people celebrate ‘January 1’ as the New Year.

Is it not strange that a world of more than 7 billion people, 195 countries, more than 40 developed countries, a world which has explored Moon and is currently exploring planet Mars, etc. is neither unified on the New Year Day nor is aware of the actual New Year Day!

Is it necessary to celebrate on December 31?

December 31 is the last day of the year. As the clock ticks towards midnight, people anxiously wait for it to strike 00:00 hours or 12:00 AM. At that very moment, people happily wish each other happy new year and a wave of joy spreads around, fireworks light up the sky and the party continues on full swing with intake of large amount of alcohol, loud music with dancing and eating. This continues till wee hours in the morning and when the Sun rises in the sky, most of the party goers are just going to bed. The state of some of these party goers is bad as they are inebriated and some others to such an extent that they have passed out due to the consumption of alcohol.

In fact, there is no logical reasoning why December 31 is considered to be the last day of the year or January 1 to be the first day of New Year. In spite of this most people across the globe take a rest on the very first day of their New Year!

What should be the New Year?

When a child is born, that day is considered to be his birthday. The day, month and the year becomes the child’s birth date. Then onwards every year the same day and month becomes that child’s birthday and a reason for celebrations. If we apply a similar logic, then the Universe was not created on January 1; hence, New Year celebrations on 31 December / January 1 are akin to celebrating a child’s birthday on any random day.


There is nothing wrong in welcoming the New Year; however it should be done on the correct day in such a way that it will be beneficial for us. The true New Year Day is the day when this Universe was created. Please refer to our article ‘Creation of the Universe’ to read details about when we should celebrate the New Year and how to celebrate it in a spiritually beneficial way.

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