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Spiritual impact of New Year Celebration

Description: This article provides information about the spiritual impact of New Year celebrations.


In this Universe, everything is made of the subtle components, Sattva-Raja-Tama. Depending on the proportion of these subtle components, the individual and the environment get affected. A high quantity of the Sattva component attracts positive energies or the Divine principle and a high quantity of the Raja and Tama components attracts negative energies.

In this article, we will explain the spiritual impact of New Year celebrations.

Western influence on Hindus

The British had ruled India in the 18th and 19th centuries, due to which many aspects of Hindu Dharma have either got distorted or have disappeared completely. In the last few decades, TV and other media have increased the Western influence on Hindus. As a result, a large number of Hindus have adopted a Western way of living, abandoning the rich Dharma heritage inherited from their ancestors. The celebration of the New Year is one such example, which indicates that the majority of Hindus could be on the verge of adopting Western values in the guise of ‘being modern’ or ‘keeping pace with the world’, thereby losing their Dharmik values.

Spiritual impact during New Year celebration

  1. December 31 is a favorite day of negative energies; because they can store large amounts of distressing energy, release it on individuals as well as in the environment and exchange it with other negative energies very easily.
  2. Consuming alcohol, eating meat, dancing erotically, etc. at parties, clubs and bars through the night during New Year celebrations is very common. After sunset, the influence and presence of negative energies in the environment starts to increase and reaches its peak at midnight. At the same time, high amounts of the subtle Raja-Tama components are also present in the environment. As a result, the mantriks (sorcerers) derive demonic bliss from it because –
    1. They can release and exchange large amounts of distressing energy without much effort. It is because of these activities, that the environment becomes conducive for the negative energies.
    2. The mantriks take control of the mind and intellect of people participating in the Raja-Tama predominant celebrations. Later, the mantriks can get anything done from these people. Unfortunately, people are not even aware of who they are and what they are doing! In fact, the mantriks use these people and satisfy their own cravings for alcohol and meat.
    3. On the New Year’s Eve, many TV channels telecast many entertaining programs and live New Year celebrations. When the clock approaches midnight, one can hear loud noises of firecrackers, people screaming ‘Happy New Year’, etc.TV channels show vulgar shows, seductive music/songs and dances, etc. which awakens sexual feelings. One can see artificial lighting everywhere. This kind of environment is most conducive for negative energies, as they get attracted to such places very easily. They exchange distressing energy through the medium of sight and touch. As a result, people can experience physical and psychological distresses.
    4. In hotels, restaurants, pubs, clubs, etc. one can see people wearing sexy clothes. Many of them get drunk and are not even aware of it. This kind of environment generates Raja-Tama components, thus making it very conducive for the negative energies to attack people.
  3. Just as people plan parties and events on the New Year’s Eve, the negative energies too plan for New Year’s Eve well in advance so that they can cause maximum distress to the people.

Greatness of Hindu Dharma

In Hindu Dharma, pure thoughts and actions are recommended; due to which people become more sāttvik and generally do not perform Raja-Tama oriented actions. As a result, they do not fall in the traps of negative energies. Hindu Dharma guides an individual not only in his daily routine but also in every action by telling him how to perform it and gain sāttviktā. As a result, an individual can absorb Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) from God and remain connected with Him while living a normal life.

Our yesteryear Sages had highly advanced sixth sense, developed due to their intense spiritual practice. They were aware of the subtle negative energies, their functioning and their adverse influence on humanity. Hence, they guided us by giving us the code of conduct for every action in our day to day life as well as during festivals and other celebrations. Following the guidance of Hindu Dharma, while we engage in activities that give us pleasure, would help us immensely to enjoy it in a way that will ensure progress and protection for us and the society.

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