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The act of driving out alakshmi on the day of Lakshmipujan

Description: This article explains how to perform the act of driving out alakshmī (Poverty, misfortune).


Goddess Lakshmī means wealth, prosperity while alakshmi means poverty, misfortune. Development of virtues gains importance only if one overcomes defects. Just as one makes efforts to acquire wealth (Lakshmi), poverty (alakshmi) should also be destroyed. On the third day of Diwāli, in the evening, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped and this is called as Lakshmipujan. At midnight, the act of driving out alakshmi is done as given below –

  1. A new broom is bought for this act and it is considered as ‘Lakshmi.
  2. It is ritualistically worshipped at midnight and then, the entire house is swept using the new broom.
  3. The rubbish is collected in the dustpan and it is taken out of house. It is recommended to take it out through the backdoor; however, if there is only one door, then one can take it out from that door.
  4. Throw away the rubbish as far as possible. One can throw it in the rubbish bins kept on the roads / footpath. If this is difficult, one can throw it in the rubbish bin outside house or apartment.
  5. At the end, express gratitude to Goddess Lakshmi and from next day onwards, start using the new broom daily for sweeping the floor.
  1. On any other days, sweeping and throwing out the rubbish at night is not recommended.
  2. If one lives in a fully carpeted house, they can buy new broom and sweep over the carpet and follow as given in point 3 and 4 above.

Spiritual effect of the act of driving out Alakshmi

  1. Rubbish represents alakshmi. At midnight, the subtle components Raja and Tama are maximum.
  2. The rubbish being Raja-Rama predominant, the Raja-Tama components in the atmosphere are drawn towards it.
  3. When the rubbish is collected in dustpan and thrown out of the house, the Raja-Tama components too are thrown out of the house. Due to this, the subtle components Sattva are attracted in the house, and the house becomes sāttvik.
  4. Earlier in the evening, due to performing the Lakshmipujan, the Chaitanya (Divine Consciousness) spreads in the house.
  5. In Purāna, it is said that at midnight, Goddess Lakshmi searches for an ideal house. No doubt the cleanliness and beauty draws Her attention; however, She chooses to live in a house in which faithful, dutiful, merciful, righteous men live, who have control over passions and are devotees of God, and women who are virtuous and chaste.

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