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Home   Save Hinduism   Lord Ganesh Skateboard removed permanently after FHA Protesting

Lord Ganesh Skateboard removed permanently after FHA Protesting

Status of protest: Protest Successful

Related News: Lord Ganesh denigration stopped after protest from FHA


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One Response to Lord Ganesh Skateboard removed permanently after FHA Protesting

  1. Boedi says:

    Siddharth, sorry, you seem really dinillusiosed. Maybe you need to get your head checked. Or maybe you are a Muslim in disguise. All religions are not equal. Hinduism never raged holy wars, Hindus never occupied other countries and forced conversions on anybody. And the plight of dalits is not as bad as what Africans had to go through in the USA and in the ancient Arab world when they were slaves. You mentioning that is like the pot calling the kettle black or even worse. Millions of Hindus are killed during Muslim invasions and many more millions are converted to Islam by force. And now India has the largest Muslim population in the world.The most important fact is Hinduism never had anything to do with the plight of Dalits. It is a social problem but historically since Hindus were the only people in that area, this problem gets associated with Hinduism. And Hindus are doing a lot to eradicate this problem. Probably Christianity has more to do with slavery than Hinduism has with the dalit problem.Another fact is Atheism is not born out of frustration in the Hindu world. Hinduism is the only religion that lets its followers be Atheists if they want to. So don’t tell us that some Hindus are frustrated with their religion and became Atheists. NO. Hinduism allows it unlike your Islam or Christianity. That is the kind of freedom you get by being a Hindu. Get some education and some insight, please. We cannot afford more and more people like you in this world.And the bottom line is Hindus have no hidden agenda, there are not spending billions trying to convert the whole world to Christianity (www.joshuaproject.net) and they are not calling anybody Kafirs(vermin)/infidels because they are not Hindus.

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