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Stop the International Islamic University at Tirupati

Hindus must realize that their temples are in danger in anti-Hindu Congress regime !

The seven layer/storied building of Heera International Islamic University (College) (HIIC) is being constructed in Chandragiri village which is about 13 kilometers from Tirupati. HIIC is being built approximately in a seven-acre plot. Actully this land belongs to a Shri Vishnu Temple, known as Timmappa Temple, with a very tall Rajagopuram according to the villagers.

It appears that HIIC never got permission to start the college. No permission was granted before they started the construction.

Tirupati Urban Development Authority (TUDA) area includes 70 kilometers radius from Tirupati. Chandragiri is only 13 kilometers from Tirupati. Any construction in Chandragiri should have the prior approval from TUDA. No such permission was granted to start this construction. According to TUDA zonal rules no permission to construct any building can be granted, if it has more than five layer/stories plus stilt.

Now question to so-called ‘Secularists’ is will they oppose to this Shariah based International Islamic University (College) in ‘Secular’ state like India and that too in close proximity of Tirupati, a Hindu Holy place ?

Also Nowhera Shaikh, head of Heera group says that this Islamic College will run as per Shariah laws and Burqa will be compulsory, then is it not too old or premitive thinking in today’s modern world ?

Read what these eminent personalities are saying !

1. Shri. T S Rao, ex-DGP, Andhra Pradesh : Nowhera Shaikh has built Heera International Islamic College illegally. Hyderabad MP Asaduddin Owaisi has filed case of fraud against Nowhera Shaikh. This matter should be investigated thoroughly.

2. Dr. T. H. Chowdary, Ex-IAS, Ex-CMD of VSNL, Ex-IT Advisor to AP Govt : Government and people of the Andhra Pradesh must not permit sacrilegious and divisive project of Heera International Islamic University (College).

3. Shri. S Krishna Reddy, Tirupati’s historian and chronicler : The Islamic college has been built on land reclaimed from a temple pond. How this land reached the hands of the present owners is shrouded in mystery. A thorough probe should be ordered into the transaction details of the land.

4. Shri. M Venkiah Naidu, BJP MP :The Islamic college at Tirupati was a matter of concern to all.

5. Shri. SV Badri, religious scholar :How can a group (Heera group) functioning as per the edicts of the Quran be tolerant towards the idol worshippers of Tirupati ?

Join hands with HJS to protest against Islamic University (College)

Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) has taken up this issue on various fronts and HJS launched nationwide protest alongwith other Hindu organisation in the first week of October 2013. In future, HJS will be holding demonstrations at various places along with other Hindu organisations to oppose this university.

One-day conference to be held on 27th October in Chittoor District

On 27th October 2013, one day conference has been organized in Chittoor District. In this conference, plan will be finalised on agitations to be carried out in November against Islamic University (College).

For more information and to participate in the signature campaign, please click here:


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