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Protest against a video on Vimeo denigrating Saint Meerabai - Save HinduismSave Hinduism

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Protest against a video on Vimeo denigrating Saint Meerabai

May 31, 2014 (Jyeshtha Shukla Paksha Trutiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5116)

Status of protest: Protest in progress

Link to denigration: http://vimeo.com/78104712

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A few scenes denigrating Saint Meerabai from the Vimeo video:

Pic 1



Sattvik picture of Saint Meerabai


Appeal to devout Hindus

Namaste dear supporter of Hinduism,

We have received complaints from several Hindus about the denigration of Saint Meerabai in a video on Vimeo. The video is ridiculing Hindus’ revered Saint, Meerabai by including a nude dance to the tune of Meerabai’s song.

An alert supporter of Hinduism promptly wrote to the writer, director and editor of the video, Usman Shaukat explaining how this video is insulting and hurtful to Hindus around the world. (Please see below the email communication between them.) Usman Shaukat advised him not to follow his work or watch his videos if we are offended by them. After this, Usman Shaukat has put a note on the video justifying the nudity in it. However, he deftly declines to answer the question by the many commentators as to whether he would show nudity in the Islamic context. It shows his double standards and singling out Hinduism for depiction of nudity.

Forum for Hindu Awakening now appeals you to protest against this denigration peacefully and lawfully by flagging the video on vimeo.com as shown in the pictures below. (You have to be a registered user on vimeo.com)

More information on reporting abuse and violations can be found at :


If the flag button is not visible, please follow the instructions below

You must be a registered user on vimeo.com site.

Please go to: https://vimeo.com/help/contact


The communication between a supporter of Hinduism and the writer, director, editor of the video, Usman Shaukat is as follows :

Protest against the nude video of Saint Meerabai

Hello Mr. Shaukat,

I am shocked to see the nude video of Saint Meerabai on vimeo.com: vimeo.com/78104712. The video is inappropriately showing a nude lady dancing in front of Lord Krushna. A devotee would not dance in nude in front of God. Nowhere in the life story of Meerabai is there a mention of Her dancing nude. For Hindus, Meerabai is the embodiment of vairagya (detachment). Your video denigrates Hindu Saint Meerabai and Hindu Deity, Lord Krushna, Who are highly revered by Hindus.
Meerabai’s songs infuse faith, courage, devotion and the love of God in the minds of the readers. They inspire the aspirants to take to the path of devotion and they produce in them a marvellous thrill and the melting of the heart. Depicting Meerabai in this distorted manner (nude) in front of God is very insulting to Hindus. Your video has hurt the religious sentiments of Hindus. I request you to immediately remove this video from the website.

Chaitanya Dev,
A concerned Hindu


Hi, Chaitanya!

Usman just sent you a message on Vimeo:

Dear Mr. Dev, Thanks for taking your time and writing me about your concern. The said video you commented on is an experimental video that explores the complexities of religious devotion and is part of a three-part series in which I plan to explore two other religions and their expressions of devotion, i.e. Buddhism and Islam. Dear Dev, there is no shame between god and his devotee. God, Ishwar, Allah, Bhagwan whatever you name that entity, is closer to us then our breath. He knows our inner most secrets and our each mole on our bodies. If god has made us in perfection, then the human body is perfect in its nudity. Please think, why does a society label a woman’s naked body as a cause of shame? It shouldn’t, in my opinion, because all of us emerge from a woman’s body and all of us are nourished by it. There is nothing gratuitous or vulgar about the actor’s nudity, and the human body is not a site of shame. Further, please notice that in no shot of the video the actor is never depicted naked with Krishna, and nowhere in the video it is implied that the actor is Meerabai, because she is not, she is a dancer dancing on music. Moreover, if you even do a preliminary search on depiction of Hindu deities, you would observe that over the centuries many of them have been depicted naked in hindu statuary and other forms of art. If you are offended by my video, the best solution is not to follow my work, and not to watch my videos. Sincerely

Usman’s profile on Vimeo: http://vimeo.com/user13681700



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3 Responses to Protest against a video on Vimeo denigrating Saint Meerabai

  1. Sneha says:

    Mr.Usman Per your statement there is no shame between God and Devotee than I believe you would be doing a great favor to humanity if you would stand up against the Burka and Hijab and free Muslim women from forced prison specially in places of worship during the time of Namaz. Muslim men are so sexually oppressed by Mullahs that Muslim men take out their frustration by painting nude women when depicting Hindu Gods and deities.

  2. These ignorant and greedy persons should stop insulting reverenced persons and deities. If they wish to make money why don’t hey use their family members for such pictures to find out how it hurts the feeling of others.
    I protest in strongest terms to stop such abuse of Hindu Godly persons or try some persons of persons who know how to punish such evil parsons. Because Hindus are peaceful people they are often targeted like this now and then.

  3. This is intolerable and upsetting to learn that Saint Meerabai is insulted like this. I protest in the strongest terms and urge to end this immediately. Pl show respect to feelings of others.

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