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Support A Child (SAC) organization denigrates Hindu culture in their program Garba and Raas

November 27, 2015 (Kartik Krushna paksha Dwitiya, Kaliyug Varsh 5117)

The Support A Child (SAC) organization held a Garba and Raas program for raising funds to support a charitable cause of helping the underprivileged children on 23rd October 2015 in Virginia, USA. In their flier they had mentioned “Lively Garba music for conventional and high energy fast track dance” and used posters of Bollywood stars to promote the event.


Devout Hindus informed about this event to the Forum for Hindu Awakening (FHA). Accordingly FHA wrote to the organizing committee of Garba and Raas, mentioning that in Hindu Dharma, performing ‘Garba’ means devotion filled singing of hymns praising the Goddess in the combination of rhythmic clapping. Performing ‘Garba’ means’ awakening Shri Durgadevi from meditation and appealing to her to resume Her destructive form for the activity of the Universe.

FHA explained that it is good that they are arranging this event to support a charitable cause. But it is equally important that in doing so the denigration of Deities or Hinduism is prevented. Playing Garba with fast track dance numbers is not as per shaastra (spiritual science). Hence, it is important that Garba is played with Krushnaleela and songs composed by saints played to the tune of traditional instruments. Currently there is a disturbing trend to play Garba to the tune of blaring film songs. This incurs sin because the festival is not being celebrated in the spiritually correct way. The Goddess fought with the demon Mahishasur for 9 days and slayed him so that people could live peacefully. By following the traditional ways of puja and Garba, the environment will become sattvik (spiritually pure) and it will attract the Divine Shakti principle, thus benefiting everyone.

FHA requested the committee members to conduct the event in a traditional manner and remove the posters of Bollywood stars used to promote the Garba and Raas. They were also requested to go through the below link on how to avoid malpractices and celebrate Navratri in an ideal way http://www.hindujagruti.org/hinduism/performing-garba.

FHA urged them to understand the importance of our holy festivals but there has been no response from them.

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