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Devout Hindus ! Protest against the denigration of Hindu Deities by GBSK - Save HinduismSave Hinduism

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Devout Hindus ! Protest against the denigration of Hindu Deities by GBSK

Feb 16, 2016 ( Magha Shukla paksha Navami, Kaliyug Varsh 5117 )

The online store GBSK is selling T-shirts, Tank-Tops and Hoodies with images of Hindu Deities and Divine symbols. Forum for Hindu Awakening promptly wrote to the website, bringing to their attention the nature and ill effects of this denigration.

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In light of this, we appeal to you to register your peaceful appeal against the website. Let us show our solidarity against this denigration by emailing or calling the GBSK office asking them to stop the sale of T-shirts, Tank-Tops and Hoodies with images of Deity’s and Divine symbols and apologize to all Hindus.

Devout Hindus should appeal lawfully and peacefully on the following contact details

43 Park Place #1
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Email : support@gbskshop.com

Tel : 347-453-1254

The appeal letter written by Forum for Hindu Awakening


The Store Manager

GBSK shop

Dear Sir / Madam,

We at Forum for Hindu Awakening have received complaints from concerned Hindus regarding the sale of T-shirts, Tank-Tops and Hoodies having images of Hindu Deities & Divine symbols on your online store as shown in the below links :







Forum for Hindu Awakening is a non-profit organization that strives to awaken society to the unique spiritual science behind Hindu Dharma concepts and practices, to motivate people to live and preserve them, and to facilitate the spiritual progress of humanity. One of the ways we do this is by addressing misrepresentations of Hinduism. For further details please refer to our website http://forumforhinduawakening.org/

We appreciate your efforts to glorify Hindu Dharma by showcasing Hindu Deities on your products which is evident from your blog wherein you have mentioned about your trip to India. We are sure the use of the pictures on these products has been unintentional and therefore we thought of bringing this to your notice.

According to spiritual science, the word, touch, form, taste, fragrance and the energy associated with them coexist. Whenever any image of a Deity or a Divine symbol like Om is used, the Divine Energy also accompanies it. It helps devotees to obtain the Divine or spiritual energy from it. However, when Hindu Deities and symbols are used on items like T-Shirts, Tank-Tops, Hoodies, etc. they are touched with dirty hands, get thrown around and once old eventually turn up in the waste. This amounts to denigration of revered Deities/religious symbols, which is hurtful to the religious sentiments of Hindus and insults Hinduism.

As per Hinduism, Deities are eternal principles of God that carry out different functions in the Universe. Hindus treat their religious symbols, chants and Deities with utmost respect. Deities are adorned on an altar to worship and offer prayers, thus having Their images anywhere else like on T-shirts, Tank-Tops, Hoodies, etc is denigrating Hinduism and hurting the feelings of millions of Hindus across the world.

We feel that manufacturers use the images of Hindu Deities & Divine symbols to increase sales, but actually it is a denigration. In view of the above we request you to stop the sale of Items with images of Deity’s and Divine symbols. We hope you will take immediate action and revert.

Yours Sincerely,
Forum for Hindu Awakening

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