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Protest denigrating play ‘Ganesh Versus the Third Reich’


Dear Supporter of Hinduism,

In 2011, Forum for Hindu Awakening came across the denigratory play ‘Ganesh Versus the Third Reich’, being organized by Malthouse Theatre in Australia. This denigratory play is produced by Back to Back Theatre, Australia.

The play’s website and poster depicts a man dressed like a Sumo wrestler, wearing an elephant head, posing as Hindus’ revered Deity, Ganesh poised against Hitler. This portrayal of Lord Ganesh is contrary to the way Hindu Scriptures describe the Deity’s form or how the Deity is depicted in Hindu temples. In this play, our revered Deity is being used in a fictitious context and trivial manner. The portrayal of Lord Ganesh in this play is highly objectionable to the Hindu religious sentiments.

Some objections in the denigrating play:

  1. Forum for Hindu Awakening’ strongly believes that the very theme of this play is flawed; as it denigrates Hindu deities by humanizing them. The play uses descriptions of Hindu deities that are contrary to those in Hindu Scriptures.
  2. Lord Ganesh is shown captured by the Nazis and is threatened by a knife.
  3. Lord Ganesh is trivialized as He is shown talking about His relationship, where He ate and drank wine.
  4. He is compared with fictitious comic characters such as ‘Spider-man’ and ‘King Kong’.
  5. The character within the play (Brian) who plays Lord Ganesh, frequently takes off the Ganesh mask and utters obscenities like suck my d**k etc.
  6. The play has an obscene innuendo surrounding Lord Ganesh, wherein one character asks another, whether the length of Lord Ganesh’s trunk is long enough, and the audience laugh.
  7. A man with board shorts, no shirt and a garland plays Lord Vishnu in the play
  8. Lord Shiva is portrayed in poor taste and there is a scene where he plucks a human being into two

Denigrating Scenes from the play ‘Ganesh Versus the Third Reich’:


Denigrating image of Shree Ganesh in the play


Previous protests against this play:

Protest denigrating play ‘Ganesh versus the third Reich’ at CARREFOUR INTERNATIONAL DE THEATRE, Québec, Canada

Protest denigrating play ‘Ganesh versus the third Reich’ at Festival TransAmeriques, Montreal, Canada

Protest denigrating play ‘Ganesh versus the third Reich’ at The Theatre Junction Grand, Calgary, Canada

Protest denigrating play Ganesh versus Third Reich at Walker Art Centre, Minneapolis, USA

Protest denigrating play Ganesh versus Third Reich at Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA, Los Angeles, USA

Protest denigrating play ‘Ganesh Versus Third Reich’ at Netherland’s Rotterdamse Schouwburg Theatrest

Protest:Hindu’s deity Shree Ganesh trivialised in a play at Melbourne Festival !


Responses from alert Hinduism Supporters:

I think it is important to respect everyone’s religion. No doubt you would not make fun of Catholic religion unless you wanted huge protests. Because the Hindu community is smaller in the US does not mean they do not deserve the same respect we show other religious groups. – Johnny H., Colorado


“This play denigrates our revered Deities and brings them down to a ‘character’ by humanizing them. This will adversely affect the faith in the hearts of the next generation. They will not have same faith unto God as they have laughed at Him in the form of a ‘character’. This is a great loss to our society given the increase in depression
and stress due to external adversities.” – Mrunal N., Minnesota


“Depicting such things without knowing the significance hurts the sentiments of Hindu people” – Lalitha B., Dearborn, Michigan


“It offends God, and mocks Spirituality in general. Religions should be respected” – Frederick A., BRASíLIA, BRAZIL


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