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Protest denigrating play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’

Dear Supporter of Hinduism,

We have received overwhelming response from Hindu supporters like you to protest against the denigrating play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’ that is being showed at the Mixed Blood Theatre in Minneapolis. In just five days we received close to 100 signatures from Hindu supporters like you and we have received encouraging response for this campaign to preserve Dharma in the face of attacks like the denigrating play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’.

If you have not signed the petition yet, please sign the petition by clicking on the “Sign Now” button on the right sidebar. Please also check the press release, link to this campaign and responses from alert Hinduism supporters below:

News:  Hindus concerned at triviliazation of Hindu deities at Minneapolis play

Press Release: Hindus protest against the denigrating play, Displaced Hindu Gods’ !

Campaign: Protest denigrating play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’ at Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis

Responses from alert Hinduism Supporters:

Please do not propagate bad meanings of Hindu Gods.  I request that this play must be stopped to respect and protect the true Hinduism and scriptures.

Thank you, – Venkat

Dear Ms. Aditi Brennan Kapil, Ms. Rose(of the Latino Initiative),
I am writing to express my anguish over your creative work titled ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’. You have not only used the names of Hindu Gods disparagingly but also portrayed them in a pitiable fashion.

To me, a Hijra is no less a human being than you or I. However you seem to have used them in a fashion that smacks of being close-minded and hateful.

By choosing the Trinity of Gods from the Hindu religion ( as opposed to choosing the Holy trinity for example), you have clearly demonstrated a clear acumen to avoid controversy with the larger population of the United States. But I am surprised that some intellectuals in the US have agreed to participate in this exercise that is clearly aimed at some sort of ridicule of the Hindu people and their belief systems – if not intentionally, then inadvertently at least.

For example, I cannot imagine the Latino Initiative participating in a play portraying the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit as a desperate trio of degenerate human beings in the 21st century – a hermaphrodite, and two criminal women! I want to ask Ms. Rose, why are they part of this?

I respectfully request you to not indulge in such hateful creativity. This is deeply hurtful to the Hindus. By doing this you have descended to the same level of ‘writers’ that portrayed the Jews as rats in a Nazi play, or those who portray all muslims as terrorists in a Hollywood movie, or those who stereotype Latinos as a lazy people who bring drugs into the USA.

Respectfully, – B. Vasan, USA

Hello Aditi,

I recently came across an advertisement on my Facebook feed regarding the trilogy of your plays, “Displaced Hindu Gods”. Based on the summary, I feel that you have absolutely made a mockery of the Hindu religion which I find unacceptable, humiliating, and an insult to all Indians and all Hindus.  We live in a world in which rather than making a mockery of Hinduism, or any religion in this case, we should be engaging young individuals in thought-provoking discussions. Your plays not only degrade Hinduism, but they insult revered forms of God such as Brahma, Kalki, and Shivji and they also prevent young adults from exploring this marvelous and enlightening religion.
It is my sincere request for you to change the title, name of characters, and assist in spreading positive messages about Hinduism. I am a university student and I can already imagine the negative effects these plays can have on our generation.
Thank you, – A. Desai


I have learnt that the Mixed Blood Theatre, Minneapolis, MN has been showing a play ‘Displaced Hindu Gods’ from 5 October until 27 October 2013.  The play’s website and poster depicts a man and two women apparently playing roles of sacred and revered Hindu trinity Lord Brahma, Lord Kalki and Lord Shiv. The play contains:

The act on Lord Bharma, is a One-Hijra (Transvestite) comedy routine.

The act on Lord Kalki, a girl-gang thriller

The act on Lord Shiv, post-colonial fantasy

After reviewing the details of the plays, I wish to convey my serious concerns and disappointment. As a follower of Hindu Faith tradition, I find such depiction insensitive and offensive. Highly revered Hindu deities Bramhan, Vishnu and Shiva are being trivialized and down-right denigrated in these plays. You probably know that they are worshipped in Hindu Temple across the US, India and worldwide. These plays shows Aditi Brennan Kapil’s ignorance and her disrespect for Hinduism. Her name has Hindu roots and perhaps she has been exposed to the significance that followers of Hindu religion give to these deities. This makes this writing of the play even more hurtful.

An important question for the Mixed Blood theater is if their management consulted any representatives of Hindu Faith to check if these depictions are consistent with the followers’ belief system. Yes, we live in a society which grants freedom of speech. However, such derogatory representations of a major faith must not be encouraged or condoned by this theater. May I suggest you to reconsider your decision and stop its screening.

With Warm Regards, – S. Gupta, Lorton, VA

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