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Supreme God, God, Incarnations and Deities

In the initial stages of learning about Hindu Dharma, many questions come to mind, such as, who is Supreme God, why are there so many Deities, what are the Incarnations, what is the mission of Deities like Shri Vishnu, Shrikrushna, Shri Rama, Deity Shiva, etc.
When a seeker gets answers to all his questions, he develops belief, which convinces him to commence spiritual practice. Similarly, when one learns more about the various attributes of a Deity, ones faith develops in that Deity. Then one can worship that Deity with more bhav (spiritual emotion).
In this section, information about various Deities, Incarnations, etc. is published so our readers can learn more and develop faith unto God.


Lord Datta

Lord Hanuman

Lord Krushna

Lord Parashuram

Lord Parashuram is sixth reincarnation of Shri Vishnu. His legends are found in the Holy texts, Ramayan, Mahabharat and some Purans.

Lord Rama

Lord Shiva

Shakti (Divine Energy)

Supreme God

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