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Lord Hanuman

Spiritual practice and Shree Hanuman Upasana

Deity Hanumān (Māruti) has intense desire to attain Shrīrām. This means attaining His grace. The same desire is present in every human’s heart in the form of God-Realisation in a manifest or unmanifest form.

How did Lord Maruti acquire the name Hanuman?

There is no mention of Hanuman made anywhere in Vedic literature. Anjani gave birth to Hanuman. After birth, thinking that the rising sun was a golden fruit He leapt into the sky for it.

What is the significance of various forms of Lord Hanuman?

Hanuman has two forms namely Maruti as the servitor and Maruti as the courageous one. The servitor form is the one in which Hanuman stands in front of Rama with His hands folded in obeisance.

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