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Lord Shiva


Lord Shiva is one of the superior Deities in Hinduism. He is highly revered. Inspite of that there are many misconceptions about Lord Shiva. However, if we try to understand everything from the point of view of the science of Spirituality, and not the usual limited worldly point of view, then we will truly comprehend Lord Shiva and we will be able to develop bhav (spiritual emotion) towards Him which can help us progress spiritually.

In this section, we will describe various attributes of Lord Shiva, and the festival of Maha Shivaratri.

Maha Shivaratri

Importance of Mahashivratri, science behind celebrating it, attributes of Lord Shiva and what chant should be chanted so that we avail maximum benefit on Mahashivratri.

Articles on Lord Shiva

Who is Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva is the Deity for dissolution. There is a lot of misunderstanding or lack of true understanding about Lord Shiva. This article describes the various attributes of Lord Shiva.

Shiva Lingam

How to worship Shivalinga
A pindi contains two types of pure particles (pavitrakas) from both – the ahat sound (that produced by the falling of water onto its surface) and the anahat (subtle) sound.

Kashmir Shaivism : Deity Shiva and Deity Shakti inseperable?

Divine Energy is not distinct from Shiva but is present in Him. Her external active form is sometimes gross or subtle and at other times manifest or unmanifest. The cycle of the universe is maintained by Her subtle or magnified form.

Pashupat sect and other Shaiva sects

In the Shaiva doctrine pashu, pash and pati are considered the three basic classes (trivarga). These also form the basis of the Pashupat doctrine.

Various forms of Shivalingas

The svayambhu pindis possess tremendous amount of energy. Hence it is situated below the ground level.

What do the horizontal stripes of ash on forehead of Deity Shiva represent?

The three horizontal stripes of ash on the forehead of Lord Shankar represent three memories. Ash projects the desires of a person.

Worship of Deity Shiva

Adorning a rudraksha mala when performing ritualistic worship is ideal. Especially followers of the Nath and Vam sects and Kapaliks use rudrakshas.

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