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Gudi Padwa – Hindu New Year

Gudi Padwa


Gudi Padwa :

The Holy festival which marks the beginning of the New Year, new month and new day for Hindus, falls on Chaitra Shukla Pratipadā (the first day of the bright fortnight of the Hindu lunar month of Chaitra). It is known as Gudī padwa (Maharashtra) or Yugaadi (Ugādi) (Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh) in India‏.

Message of His Holiness Dr. Jayant Balaji Athavale on the Hindu New Year

Hindu New Year

There are natural, historical and spiritual reasons to mark the commencement of the year on the first day of the month of Chaitra

Significance of Gudi Padwa – Hindu New Year 

Introduction to the celebration of the Hindu new year Gudi Padwa.

Spiritual Science Underlying Hoisting of The Gudi

This article provides information about the appropriate method and spiritual science underlying the hoisting of the Gudi.

O Hindus, celebrate new year as per Hindu Dharma

Forum for Hindu Awakening urges all Hindus not to celebrate New Year’s Eve on December 31 and New Year Day on January 1; because it is not only incorrect but it has a spiritually harmful impact on people and the environment.

How to Celebrate Gudi Padwa?

Article describing the celebration of the Hindu festival of Gudi Padwa, the Hindu new year.

Creation of the Universe

The creation of the Universe happened on the Hindu Calendar Date (tithi) of Chaitra Shukla Pratipadā. Thus, the Hindu calendar begins on the sunrise of this tithi. This date usually falls on any day from late March to mid-April on the Gregorian calendar.

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