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Hanuman Jayanti

Hanuman Jayanti – A Spiritual Celebration

Hanuman Jayanti, a festival in celebration of Lord hanuman (maruti).

Lord Hanuman
Find our more about the name and signigicance of various forms of Lord Hanuman.


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4 Responses to Hanuman Jayanti

  1. ashish shrivastava says:

    pranam ji aap se ek sawal hai mi aj tak kabhi vhi khus nahai hua me jitni mahnat karta hu pa uske bad vhi mughe kabhi vhi safalta nahi mili kyay karan hai jai hanuman

    • Forum for Hindu Awakening says:

      Namaskar Ashish ji,

      Welcome to FHA website. It is very nice question, and it is a very common situation that many of us undergo in our lives, at some time or other.

      It is said that 80% of our life’s problems are due to spiritual reasons such as our destiny or our departed ancestors. Destiny is that part of our life which is beyond our control. To read further please click here.

      Our Departed ancestors in their after life need our help to get momentum to move positive region of existence and for that reason they reach out to us by causing obstacles in our life. They do this as they know that if we are in trouble we will try different remedies to overcome the problems and in turn we will try spiritual remedies and they will get the help they require to move on in their afterlife. Please read more here.

      Regular Spiritual Practice is recommended to overcome destiny and ancestors trouble.

      It is recommended to chant the name of Shree Gurudev Datta to overcome obstacles from departed ancestors. One can start with chanting of the name for 15 minutes a day and slowly increase to 2 hours and if obstacles do not reduce the chanting can be done for 4-6 hours each day. This chanting can be done with other activities and does not necessarily to be done sitting down.

      Also along with chanting of Shree Gurudev Datta, it is recommended to chant the name of the Family Deity. To read further please click here.

      Please do ask any question you may have after you read the links of articles given above. Wishing you blissful spiritual practice.

      With Gratitude,
      Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening

  2. Chandra Vykanti says:

    Jai gurubyonamaha
    Jai sreerama
    Jai hanuman

    Lort Anjaneya never used Gadha in Ramayan. Why they keep gadha in his hand in various photos. He also explained same thing in sundara kanda in jayamantramu. vanarulu never used fabricated tools during Sreerama raavana yuddh.
    pls. explain reasons behing having gadha in sreehanuman hands.
    If I am wrong, pls. pordon my agnaan and pls. through light on me guruji.

    jai gurudev
    Jai sreeram
    Jai hanuman

    Chandra Vykanti P. Eng.
    Reliability Specialist
    Suncor Energy-Sarnia Refinery
    Phone : 5197041488/5193338737
    Work: 519 346 2628
    Fax: 519 339 0481

    • Forum for Hindu Awakening says:

      Namaskar Chandra Vykanti ji,

      Welcome to FHA website. it is very nice to see you are openly sharing your doubts and seeking clarification for the same. Please see below the divine knowledge about Shree Hanuman’s Gada (mace) and it significance. Hope this helps.

      Lord Hanuman’s mace symbolises that His warrior-spirit is active

      There are vertical and horizontal lines on the mace of Lord Hanuman. The vertical lines represent the raja component, whereas the horizontal one’s represent the tama component; thus the mace is a symbol of raja-tama, supported by sattva. A combination of raja-sattva signifies a warrior-spirit. That Lord Hanuman always carries a mace means His warrior-spirit is always active. The mace is also a symbol of Dissolution. There is a mace in the hands of Lord Vishnu and Sri Datta too. (The shape of the mace is such that it tapers from its upper portion. This signifies that one has to enhance one’s ego to perform the task of a destroyer.) – (Through the medium of Kumar Mane at 12.10 pm on 30.3.2006)


      Liberating many souls : The embodied souls with an intense desire for spiritual practice were grantedliberation by Shri Hanuman even at the cost of His own powers. He liberated many souls from existence in their cursed class by using His mace.


      Gratitude to God,
      Seekers at Forum for Hindu Awakening

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