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Women do their own Holi thing

March 20, 2011

Phalgun Krushna Pratipada,Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Women of Omkar Place in Narere celebrate Holi. Picture: IVAMERE RASABASABA

Serelisoni Moceica: Women of Omkar Place in Narere celebrate Holi.

A LOCAL Hindu women’s club for the first time organised their own Holi celebrations apart from the normal male-oriented celebrations organised every year.

President of the Woman’s Club at Jyoti Mahla Mandir at Omkar Road, Narere, Bindmati Lali said the initiative was taken by her and members of the club.

“We thought to ourselves, if the men can do it, so can we,” Mrs Lali said.

The sixty-year-old led a team of women and children up and down the Narere Road singing, dancing, beating drums and throwing coloured powder at each other.

“This is a festival of colour and we share our festivities with our friends and families where we are grateful for everything we have been blessed with,” said Mrs Lali.

The celebrations, which involved the throwing of coloured powder onto clothes and faces of participators, were however separate for men and women of the mandir.

She says, Holi celebrations will end at the end of March 29.

Source: Fiji Times

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