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HJS held Press Conference to protest ‘Karnataka Temple takeover Bill’

March 27, 2011

Phalgun Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Mr. Mohan Gowda of HJS addressing in the Press Conference
Mr. Mohan Gowda of HJS addressing in the Press Conference

Bangalore (Karnataka, India): Hindu Janajagruti Samiti Karnataka unit held a press conference at the press club of Bangalore on the 22nd of March 2011 to protest against the passing of the Karnataka Hindu Dharmik Sanstha takeover Bill 2011’ in the legislative assembly and the council. The media members were addressed by Mr. Mohan Gowda spokesperson of HJS Karnataka.

Temples to become like Government Offices

Mr. Mohan Gowda said that on the perusal of this bill, the devotees’ involvement in the temple’s day to day affairs would get reduced and the temples would become like government offices in due course. The donations made by devotees to the temples would be going to a common pool fund with the Government having the discretion to utilize the same for religious purposes or having the authority to utilize the same for any purposes it deems fit.

Gateway for corrupt politicians to take administrative control of Hindu Temples

Mr. Gowda added that the bill proposes the formation of State and district level Boards for managements of the Hindu Religious Temples. The State Board will be headed by the Endowments Minister and the District Board members will be appointed by  the State Government. He added that while the minister is elected on the basis of his secular credentials, he will be heading a board with religious duties. He questioned as to how the minister elected on secular vote could perform his duties in such an instance. Further due to the Government control of the temples and the district boards will be coming under the control of political influence and the devotees will be kept away from the day to day affairs like raising funds, keeping track of donations, precious jewellery, lands, appointments of staff, officers, and priests of temples. The politicians will have only selfish interest and plans like converting the temples to tourist places thereby making them lose their spiritual relevance.

Full control over Temple Assets

Mr. Mohan Gowda also added that the temple would have to give a inventory of movable and immovable assets to the specified authority within a specified period. The district board will have the liberty to sell any of the temple assets at it’s discretion. The temple board will also have to take the permission of the district board to appoint legal counsel for protecting the temples’ rights.

Can corrupt politicians run the temples smoothly

Mr. Gowda said that  it is well known fact that most of the Government’s business and companies are running under loss and the Government is selling them, then what is the reason behind taking over only Hindu religious Temples. The Government has directed it’s bill against the people of one particular community there by discriminating them. This discrimination is happening against the Hindus repeatedly as seen in the recent demolishing of more than 350 temples after identifying more than 5000 temples as unauthorised.

HJS to Launch state wide protest against Bill

Mr. Gowda concluded by saying that Through this Bill the Hindu temples are bound to become  places of corruption and HJS will strongly oppose the Bill and proposes to take out a state wide campaign shortly to protest implementation of the same.

Mr. Chandra Moger, Spokesperson of HJS Bangalore initially introduced the guests and briefed about the recent activities of the Samiti to the press person. Mr. Muddhu Kumar, Secretary Mahalakshmi Temple Sudhamnagar and Advocate Devadas were also present during the press meet

Considering the importance of the subject, daily news papers like Samyuktha Karnataka, Udaya Vani, Hosa Digantha, Dakshin Bharath Rashtramath, Andhra Jyothi, Ee Nadu  gave prime coverage for the news of the press meet.

Source: HJS

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2 Responses to HJS held Press Conference to protest ‘Karnataka Temple takeover Bill’

  1. Dharam Agra says:

    how can such a bill even be proposed, Hindus should vehemently protest this and makesure it doesnt not happen!

  2. K P Ganesh says:

    As if the Colonial British enacted Muzrai Act wasn’t enough, why this Indian version. Can’t Government of India and the respective states earn money by providing the necessary developmental facilities and taxing the citizens accordingly (as such we Indians are one of the highest tax payers) to ensure that the government exchequer is well financed. Let the temple donations be taxed the same way as corporate taxes, rather having a separate act for it. I’m sure the temple authorities will be first to agree to that. In a way all prominent temples will have the freedom to not just retain their spiritual dominance but also be of assistance to other prominent and historically old temples which may be in need of funds.

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