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Jalgaon, Maharashtra : Devout Hindus foil a conversion plan of Christian missionary

April 3, 2011
Phalgun Amavasya , Kaliyug Varsha 5112

Jalgaon (Maharashtra) : A Christian missionary told few Hindu women about curing a Hindu through the medium of prayers and medicine in Jalgaon city. He tried to draw these women in his net and to convert them; but as the devout Hindus got the wind of it, they rushed to the place of incident and foiled his plan. (It has come to light on number of occasions that Christians take advantage of helplessness of Hindus or lure poor Hindus with something and then convert them. Congratulations to the devout Hindus for thwarting the ploy of Christian missionaries of conversion of Hindu women ! – Editor SP)

Mr. Mahajan staying in Rameshwar Colony was sick for 3-4 months and a Christian missionary named Viju Jones used to go to him for treating him. Jones cured him with prayers and some medicines; therefore, the Mahajan family developed faith in him. They called 15 Hindu women from their colony to their home as advised by Jones. Viju Jones tried to influence them and draw them towards Christianity. As few devout Hindus viz. Gajanan Malpure, the city-chief of Shiv Sena Shobha Chaudhary of Shiv Sena – Women’s front, Mohan Tiwari,  MNS area-chief , Ganesh Sonawane and Sunil Mahajan of BJP learnt about it, they went to Mahajan’s house and thwarted the plan of the Christian missionary and took Viju Jones to task beating him up. They damaged his Maruti car. Even earlier a Christian missionary has tried to convert Hindus in a program held at Hari Vitthalnagar in Rameshwar Colony when Shiv Sainiks had dragged the missionary to MIDC Police Station; but police intervened and patched up the matter.

Source: HJS

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