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Exhibition of anti-Hindu Husain’s paintings forced to close down

June 20, 2011

Jyeshth Krushna Panchami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Hindus should offer gratitude at the feet of God for this success !

Success of HJS and pro-Hindu activists

Ishwarpur (Dist. Sangali, Maharashtra, India) :
Few art-lovers had organized an exhibition of paintings by anti-Hindu M F Husain at ‘Harsha Academy’ to pay homage to him. The exhibition was organized with the initiative of Prof. Pradip Patil. In this exhibition, Husain’s paintings including the ones in which he has denigrated Hindu Deities were also there. Few members of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) and some pro-Hindu activists met the organizers and forced then to close down this exhibition.

Mr. Kumar Mane of HJS, Mr. Madhusudan Kulkarni of Sanatan Sanstha and other members met Prof. Pradip Patil and Ravi Bawadekar of ‘Harsha Academy’ and explained the issue of denigration of Hindu Deities to them. They asked the organizers, “Husain had drawn such paintings only to hurt religious sentiments of Hindus; therefore, his paintings are being opposed not only in India but also abroad. 1250 complaints have been lodged against Husain at various police stations in India. Exhibition of Husain’s paintings has been stopped at many places. Why do you want to glorify such anti-Hindu painter?”

HJS activists explained the issue to even those art-lovers who were present there at that time. Initially, the organizers were not in favour of withdrawing Husain’s paintings; but later, they closed down the exhibition. Prof. Patil tried to justify holding the exhibition by claiming that the relevant topic was a part of the curriculum. Mr. Dwarakadheesh Mundada, Mr. Ajit Mahangade, Mr Uttam More, Miss Pratibha Tavare, advocate Bharati Jain, Mrs. Rohini Pethkar, Mrs. Indu Kadam and other devout Hindus were present on the occasion.

Source: HJS

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One Response to Exhibition of anti-Hindu Husain’s paintings forced to close down

  1. Sarada Thompson says:

    My work involves Hindu Story-Telling through Art, Drama & Writing in schools,colleges and universties in U.K. I also offer Hindu-based person-centred counselling in mental health in different authorities here. I have exhibited my work: Hindu Goddesses and Gods in various venues in Britain. I have grown-up to respect all faiths, whilst being very much a Hindu.
    My question is: ‘Why has so much room been given to a sick mind to express his interpretations?’
    All I can say is,in extreme cases like this,to Hindu organisations who made a stand, ‘Well Done!’

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