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Argentinians Sing Bhajans In Their Own Hastinapur

Aug 08, 2011
Shravan Shukla Ekadashi , Kaliyug Varsha 5113

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA: Hastinapur was the capital of an ancient Indian kingdom. The throne of this kingdom was the prize over which the Kurukshetra war was fought between the Kauravas and their cousins, the Pandavas. But far away in place and time exists its namesake.

Spread across 12 acres near the Argentine capital of Buenos Aires, Hastinapur houses about a dozen temples of Indian Gods. Lord Ganesh, Krishna, Surya, Narayana and Shiva have their own temples, and the Pandavas too have one.

“Many Argentines visit Hastinapur as a retreat from the hectic life of Buenos Aires, which is about 31 miles away,” says R. Viswanathan, Indian ambassador to Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay. They meditate and read books on philosophy in the quiet natural environment of Hastinapur. Argentinians go there for wisdom. They learn philosophy, practise yoga, meditate and sing bhajans. That is why it is called ‘ciudad de la sabiduria’, or the city of wisdom.

The Hastinapura Foundation, which runs the place, was founded by Argentinian author Ada Albrecht in 1981. Albrecht introduced Indian philosophy in the country and became a guru for Argentinians seeking wisdom. She also wrote a number of books such as “The Saints and Teachings of India” and “The Teachings of the Monks from Himalayas”.

Source: Hinduism Today

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