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India-Bangladesh ‘land swap deal’ : A curse for border Hindus

September 16, 2011

Bhadrapad Krushna Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Our soldiers are protecting the country sacrificing their life and here Politicians are allowing others to loot our land. This Congress Govt. is looting Bharat (India) since last 60 years and now giving this land to enjoy outsiders and enemies. For appeasement of few people, Congress is playing with land of Bharat. Now it is the duty of Bharatiyas (Indians) to overthrow this Govt. as early as possible and take active part in establishing Hindu Nation.

UPA and Congress made this ‘Land Swap Deal’ for border enclaves as a ‘Curse for border Hindus’.

By Upananda Brahmachari

Though the last visit of Sri Monmohan Singh in Bangladesh has been impugned by so many matters and somehow disgraced by the Paschimbanga CM Miss. Mamta Banerjee over the Tista water issue, the managers in UPA and Congress are highlighting this visit of Indian PM in BD has its grand success with an advantage plus position in Land Swap deal of the boarder enclaves (chittmahals) and corridor problems.

Practically this rubber-stamp Prime Minister has humiliated himself enough, by rendering his service more to an uneducated foreign lady only to seek her self-interest before her final settlement at Italy, than to the Nation as a whole. In each and every footstep this Govt. is being discredited for its light resolute and the hidden coterie very much active to malign the Nation.

This is evident from Govt.’s stand and tendency for smashing the Anti-Corruption Move of the Civil Society or like this for the swap deal for the border enclaves that will give our border citizen more and more trouble with a severe persecution by the cross-border invaders very frequently. Shrouded in tight secrecy, the deal is suspected to have ceded 10,000 acres of land to Bangladesh in the name of peace with the neighbor. The Govt is beating its big drum publicly by saying that India is giving only 55 enclaves on the border to Bangladesh in return for 111 from it.

UPA and Congress made this ‘Land Swap Deal’ for border enclaves as a ‘Curse for border Hindus’. An analysis by Upananda Brahmachari. Questions after questions whirled the anxiety of the border Hindus facing day to day problems including robbery, giving live taxes, trades and cultural and religious festivals. The cross border fundamentalism and the surrounding adversities always put them in a heavy taxation of life not secured by their Hindu and Indian safe guards. This land swap deal is treated by them as a curse of destiny. Now, it is nothing but a ‘Curse for border Hindus’. Govt. of India must publish a white paper on land swap deal with Bangladesh without keeping any secrecy of it.

Though the number of enclaves given away on platter is just half the gain, but their total area is much bigger and that is the potential loss of India, for which the Govt.’s reluctance and falsifying are quite condemnable. As a matter of fact this land swap deal tends to a greater loss for Indian aspect. And if it is not checked and we allow this Govt. to go with its irresponsible and locked head advisors ahead, India stands to lose just over 4,000 hectares of its territory, or about 40 square kilometers. India’s 111 enclaves of land within Bangladesh measure nearly 70 square kilometers. Bangladesh has 51 enclaves of its own, comprising 28 square kilometers surrounded by India. The present land swap would simplify the messy boundary immeasurably and entail something like a 10,000-acre net loss for India.

Now after the deal has been signed by the two PMs of India and Bangladesh, the protests from the oppositions and others are quite irritable so that they were busy for some other business and could not find any time for such an important thing when the Nation is going to lose its land for ever.

For India’s governing Congress party and its friends in UPA making this gift of land to Bangladesh in all an area equivalent to the size of 2,000 test-cricket stadiums will not come easy. During this time of ideological waffle, it is an issue which India’s opposition Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) can use to flaunt its nationalistic credentials and to attack Congress at a weak spot its perceived softness towards illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, most of them Muslims. By many estimates, more than 15m (1.5 crore) illegal migrants have entered India from Bangladesh since 1971. The BJP has been trotting out the round figure of 25m (2.5 crore) for years.

Source: Hinduexistence

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