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Illustrated “Ramayana” Launched In Paris After Ten Years Of Work

September 25, 2011

Bhadrapad Krushna Trayodashi, Kaliyug Year 5113

PARIS, FRANCE, After ten years of work, publisher Diane Selliers has launched an impressive work, the “Ramayana”, a masterpiece of Indian literature, illustrated with 660 miniatures selected from museums and collectors around the world. It comes as seven volumes in a red box, carefully wrapped in a protective bag “like sacred objects,” said Selliers.

“This is not a merely a book but a work of art, a testament to civilization,” said the editor, born in Belgium in 1955 but living in France for many years.

An eternal epic, the “Ramayana” recounts the exemplary life of Prince Rama and his successful struggle against the demon king Ravana and his army of monkeys. Transmitted by oral tradition, it has been written down in several versions over the centuries. For this edition, Diane de Selliers chose the most famous version of Valmiki; translation done by Madeleine Biardeau.

“We worked like crazy to find the Indian miniatures scattered throughout the world,” said the editor. She traveled extensively in India, Britain and the United States to collect the images of Ramayana paintings that date from the sixteenth to the nineteenth century.

Priced at 850 euros (US$1,170) for the launch, the book, which weighs 15 pounds, is a limited edition of 3,000 numbered copies. Selliers plans to publish an English edition for the Indian market next year.

Source: Hinduism Today

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