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Yoga is religious discipline, not exercise business

November 6, 2011

Kartik Shukla Ekadashi , Kaliyug Varsha 5113

What is yoga? Hinduism. The least bit of research will uncover the fact that real yoga is Hinduism.

Yoga is a Sanskrit/Hindu word and means “to yoke to one’s soul and soul source.” The various real yogas are the religious means by which Hindus uncover this spiritual realization. True to all religions respectively, any aspect of real yoga is taught by a Hindu and not for a fee. This whole commercialized yoga-exercise-business/vague-spirituality unfortunately is supported by the media and is very heartless to the true nature of Hindu/yoga and Hindus.

The Press often runs articles on this distorted yoga and so-called “certified teachers.” Recently, the Press included so-called “yoga studios” in its “Best of” section. Why not the “Best Church? See the confusion?

If one is so interested in Hinduism/yoga, why not be honest enough to admit the facts? Hinduism is a great religion among many great religions. Logically, becoming a Hindu would be the first step in ever becoming a teacher. To be fair, complacent Hindus have allowed these and other invasions into their religion. As Gandhi said: “The British did not take India, we gave it to them.”

Swami Param

Dharma Yoga Asrham (Classical Yoga Hindu Academy)


Source: App.com

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