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Home   News   Kerala, India : Non-Hindus desecerate temple by dead cow skull

Kerala, India : Non-Hindus desecerate temple by dead cow skull

Feb 14th 2012
Magh Krushna Ashtami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Hindus showing head of dead cow

Kasargod (Kerala) : Jihadi Muslims have performed the indecent act of attaching the head of a dead cow to the lamp post present in front of the Shri Durgaparmeshwari temple at Mipuguri in Kasargod district. A wave of anger has spread amongst Hindus due to this act of the anti-hindus. A total strike was observed at Madhur town, while Hindus spontaneously observed a strike at other places in the district. As a result of the strike, the private traffic collapsed. (Hindu temples in Kerala are becoming easy targets for the Jihadi terrorist activities; but the news media is turning a blind eye and not reporting this. If news is given it is usually to criticise Hindus. Such anti-Hindu news media needs to be banned ! – Editor SP )
The Jihadi Muslims had attached the head of the cow to the tip of the lamp post. In the riots resulting after this incident six youth have been injured. The names of those injured are Babu, Rahul (aged 29), Sharath (aged 29), Ajmal (aged 16), and Asim (aged 15).
(Are the Hindus capable of standing up to these Jihadis ? – Editor SP)
Superintendent of Police of Kerala Shrijit visited the site and observed the situation. Reserve Police Force from Kannur, Vaynad, Mallapuram and Kozhikode has been called into action in Kasargod district. There is ban on gathering of people in Kasargod district for one week.

Source: HJS

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