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Shri Vitthal idol of Pandharpur to be coated with epoxy

March 14, 2012

Phalgun Krushna Saptami, Kaliyug Varsha 5113

Unrighteous behavior of Hindus owing to lack of ‘Dharmashikshan’

Pandharpur (Maharashtra, India) : After the meeting held between the Temple Committee, Archeology Department and Warakaris, it has been decided that the idol of Lord Vitthal in Sri Vitthal Temple will be given epoxy coating. The work will be carried out between 10.00 p.m. and 6.00 a.m.; therefore, devotees will not be deprived of taking ‘darshan’ as there won’t be any need to keep the temple closed. The coating work will cost Rs.60,000/- and it will be borne by the temple trust. Such coating will last for 8-10 years. The above news has been published by ‘Star Mazaa’ news channel on its website.

Process of epoxy coating on the idol

1. Archelogy Department will first clean up the idol and remove ‘m-seal’ earlier applied to the idol.

2. Remnants of milk and curd caught in the holes in the idol will be removed.

3. Wherever there are cracks, big or small, such parts will be given epoxy coating.

4. On the other parts of the idol, a thin layer of mixture of silicon, siliczene and silica will be applied.

5. The mixture will fill properly in the holes with the help of silica so that the original colour of the idol will not be affected and water will not enter after ‘abhishek’.

6. The mixture will also help in removing water seeped in the idol.

Unrighteous Hindus allow scientists, who have no knowledge of spiritual science, to coat Shri Vitthal idol in Pandharpur !

1. Coating will reduce the ‘sattvikata (purity)’ of the idol :The chemicals used for coating are pre-dominant in ‘Raja-Tama’ components and will reduce the ‘sattvikata’ of the idol.

2. Coating will obstruct ‘Vitthal-principle’ emitting from the idol : It is a basic principle of spiritual science that sound, touch, form, taste, smell and related energy are always together. If the idol of Sri Vitthal is maintained as it is, its form will not change and the energy i.e. the principle of Sri Vitthal will also be preserved. When the idol is coated, its form changes and the principle of Vitthal emitting from the idol will reduce leading to even the devotees getting less benefit of ‘Vitthal-principle’.

3. In case of erosion of idol, the principle of that Deity emitting from it also reduces. There are some rituals known as ‘tattvottaran’ prescribed by Dharma under which a new idol is consecrated by removing the principle from the affected idol; transferring it in the new idol. It will be against Dharma if new idol is not installed in such manner.
4. An idol is not under the control of Archeology Department that it has right to use any treatment.

5. Will Muslims ever allow doing anything to ‘Kaba’ even if it erodes? Why our over-learned Hindus don’t understand what Muslims also know?

-Dr. Athavale (Paush Kru. 13, Kaliyuga Varsha 5113 [21.1.2012] )

Source :HJS

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