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Fanatic Islamic Groups desecrated 200 years old Hindu Temple at Dinajpur, Bangladesh

April 14, 2012

Chaitra Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Date of Occurrence: March 24, 2012.

Case Number: 47 dated 25.03.2012 under sections 143/447/295/379/427/506(ii)/114 Bangladesh Penal code.

Facts of the case:

Hindu Devotees usually perform their religious ritual in “Narayan Thakur Durga temple” which was built two hundred years ago and thereafter it was destroyed by fanatic Islamic groups in Dinajpur in the year, 1971. Thereafter,the Hindu devotees of this area trying to reconstruct the Temple with tin and bamboo. As Government granted one ton T.R, all members of the Puja committee decided to renovate the temple. When construction work of the temple started on 23.03.12 one Mohammad Abarul, Member of the 10, Komolpur Union trespassed into temple and thrown away the Hindu deities, asked not to construct and continue Sheba Puja; after that the work for sheba puja was stopped. On 24.0312 at about 7 o’clock in the morning few perpetrators mentioned below entered into the temple with deadly weapons and demolished the temple haphazardly causing severe loss of Taka Eighty Thousand belonging to the temple. When members of the Puja Committee came to learn about the incident from the locality instantly went to meet the perpetrators and asked about the incident. But perpetrators do not care the devotees rather they (Perpetrators) threatened to set fire on all the temples in the property described below in the schedule lands. Subsequently perpetrators again entered into the temple and stolen temple’s belonging which is worth of Taka Fifty Thousand and thus desecrated the Hindu temple with ill intention to grab the temple properties.



I am along with Dhananjoy Mohanta, Biswanath Singh, Push Narayan, Shymol Banarjee on behalf of Bangladesh Minority watch (BDMW) visited the spot at Narayan thakur Durga Temple at Komolpur on 2nd of April, 2012 and found that some portion of lands belonging to Hindu Deity were forcefully occupied by local Muslim perpetrators, we also seen a demolished Hindu deity on the spot. We also interrogated many witnesses present at the time of our investigation at our video camera who deposed that due to continuous atrocities the Hindus of that area are not in a position to celebrate their right to religion in all occasions, continuous threat and intimidation was the main problem to enjoy their religious rights. We also met with respective Upazila Nirbahi Officer of Dinajpur Sadar who is responsible for protection of rights of Debottor (Deity) Properties in the locality he informed us that a good and congenial negotiation was going on for safety and security of the temple. We also met with the Officer in Charge of Kotwali Sadar Police station at Dinajpur who gave us to understand that necessary protection of those Minorities with their deities would be given. But the Officer in charge could not reply why case was not recorded while I communicated with him over phone earlier as soon as the incident of such attack on Hindu temple was made on 23.03.2012. But he after our intervention on 23.3.2012 the police officer recorded the case on 25.03.2012 against 1)Md. Akkas Ali (55) 2)Mohammad Ofi (52) both son of late Yosuf Ali 3)Enamul Hoque (36) son of late Mohim Uddin in the village of Komolpur Abarun (36) son of Afa in the village of Komolpur (Chandahar) 4)Ekram Ali (60) son of late Kachua in the village of Chalapukur and more unknown 15/20 individuals, all of Kotwali Police Station, Dinajpur District.


The perpetrators have not yet arrested by police because those perpetrators belonged to a party in power. We also came to know from Upazila Nirbahi officer that the local Chairman may surrender those lands to Hindus if the criminal case No.47 dated 25.03.2012 instituted against perpetrators is withdrawn. We did not agree with this view as per illegal desire of local Chairman and demanded exemplary punishment of those perpetrators who are responsible for desecration of Hindu Deities and demolition of temple.

We also observed during our investigation that a great number of plots within that area belonging to Debottor (Hindu Deity) had been occupied by Muslim perpetrators (land grabbers) on false personating and manufactured documents whereon a mosque was erected most illegally within the knowledge of local administration. We also informed the matter to the local administration –Deputy Commissioner, Dinajpur over phone drawing his attention on decision of the superior courts relating to Debottor (Deity’s properties) who became angry with us and advised us not to proceed with our investigation.
Type of Violation: Violation against Temple’s Property Grabbing:

Name of the Perpetrators:

1. Md. Akkas Ali (55)

2. Ofi (52) both son of late Ysuf Ali

3. Enamul ZHoque (36) son of late Mohim Uddin in the village of Komolpur

4. Abarun (36) son of Afa in the village of Komolpur (Chandahar)

5. Ekram Ali (60) son of late Kachua in the village of Chalapukur and more unknown 15/20 individuals, all of Kotyali Police Station, Dinajpur District.


A )The perpetrators of crime against religion should be punished as per law of the land.

B) “Narayan Thakur Durga Temple” should be reconstructed to its original place and regular Sheba Puja should be allowed to be continued.

C) An independent commission of Enquiry for finding out reason for demolition of Hindu deities in the locality should be formed and a report should be submitted to the Government of Bangladesh.

D) A sense of security amongst the Minority communities should be brought back for congenial atmosphere in the locality.

1.The Minorities should be protected as per law.
2.The perpetrators of crime should be punished in view of the provisions of law as per Bangladesh Penal Code.
3.An enquiry committee should be formed to find out the cause of attack on Hindu Property.

Investigation report prepared by: Ms. Advocate Nipa Rani Roy



Bangladesh Minority Watch (BDMW)

Source: BDMW

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  1. Atul Thakur says:

    I am glad that the minorities Hindus are taking action against the majority Muslims. There are 2 prong action Hindus can take.
    a) Increase spiritual puja, havans yajanas, chanting RAM mantra, other ways of psychic protection.
    b) Stand up for Hindu religion. And against any religion that denigrates hindu religion

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