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Hindus continue to be mistreated, kidnapped and killed in Pakistan

April 14, 2012

Chaitra Krushna Navami, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Another plea and protest has rose against the Pakistan government to create laws supporting the Hindu minority rights in Pakistan. The Hindu communities in Pakistan have demanded that new laws be formed in order to eliminate the constant threats and carrying out of kidnappings, discrimination, harassment and forced conversion.
After growing incidents of forced conversion with young Hindu girls being the primary victims, in addition to a surging number of kidnappings, a meeting was organized by the Pakistan Hindu council.
Over 500 community members supported the claims made by the Pakistan Hindu council and a resolution was passed to create more strict laws in order to diminish such brutal acts completely.
Many girls coming into court have claimed to be pressured into saying something that did not happen. The police are not treating such incidents of rapes and abductions seriously because complaints are not taken seriously and the parents and families of a raped girl are ignored. Furthermore, girls in court are not handed back to their parents immediately.
Hindus do not feel safe in the country having to deal with threats of ransom in order to get their daughters back. Police are not responding appropriately to such matters and the security, and lives of Hindu families are far from stable in the country they once called home.
Many minority families warn of a large wave of migrants to India in the near future if such ignorance continues. They are willing to risk their lives to escape to India because their lives at are risk on a daily basis in the borders of Pakistan, simply because they are not Muslim.
The meeting discussions strongly urged that once a court hearing is complete, girls are to be immediately sent back to their parents for the following few months until the court hearing during which the girls own will can be heard.
In order to cope with such a situation, groups have been created at the grass roots level to help mobilize a people to fight for the justice and human rights of mistreated Hindus in Pakistan.
Source : The Chakra

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