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Kashmiri Pandits Hold Rally Over J&K Temple Trust Bill

April 16, 2012
Chaitra Krushna Dwadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Srinagar : Demanding passage of J&K temples and religious properties bill, a group of displaced Kashmiri Pandits today took out a protest rally in the city.

They alleged the Jammu and Kashmir government has failed to get the bill passed, meant for protecting and managing the Hindu temples and shrines in the state.

The Pandits have been agitating for last over one year for enacting a law to set up a body to protect and manage Hindu religious property in Kashmir, on the pattern of AQAF board managing Muslim religious places and Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee for managing Sikh Gurudhwaras and shrines.

Source: Outlook

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2 Responses to Kashmiri Pandits Hold Rally Over J&K Temple Trust Bill

  1. Dr Gour Mohanty says:

    if the displaced Kashmir Pundits are agitating we are to lend our full support for it.By we I mean all Hindus.Further we Hindus must agitate to abolish the Hindu religious endowment Act 1951, which has snatched away the assets and management of Hindu temples from Hindus and delivered it in the hands of an ireligious agnostic Government with corrupt officials who have all these years not only looted the Temple properties with impunity , but adding injury to insult they have benevolently gifted away the incomes of temples for improvement of Mosques and Churches .Where as the Mosque,Wakf Board and Church properties are sacrosanct by law so that while these properties are looted left and right by peopke of the respective communities the Government cannot intervene and impotently looks on .It compensates such loss by paying them from temple proceeds keeping the deities miserable and their pujaris (worshippers) starving .

  2. Lalita Godboole says:

    Kashmiri Pandits are agitating for their rights. But it is difficult because we Hindus are not bothered, Our own Roti Kapda and makan is Important.the society can go to dogs is the attitude of us Hindus, we are divided Linguistically, by caste, economically and now a new feature in Bengal politically. we are egoists and narcissists. thinking only of ourselves. unless we wake up and smell the coffee . God alone can say what shall happen. Think do we really deserve HIS mercy.

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