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Veer Savarkar : Honoured by Britain but hated by Congress

April 22, 2012

Vaishakh Shukla Pratipada, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

By Durgesh Parulekar

Pious revolutionary Swatantrayaveer Savarkar and sinful Congress !

The then Congress Central Minister, Manishankar Ayyar removed the verses written by freedom fighter Savarkar from his memorial whereas in India House, London, a MP, Lord Frainer Brockway inaugurated memorial of Swatantryaveer Savarkar. Savarkar was honoured by Britain although he revolted against the British and the government of the country for which he revolted, always despised him. This must be the only example of its kind in the world !

Anti-Savarkar Manishankar Ayyar

While Savarkar was in a jail at Andaman, he inscribed two lines in verse, as follows, on its wall.
‘Ki ghetale na he vrat aamhi andhatene, labdha prakash Itihaas Nisargmane;Je divya daahak mhanuni asavayache, budhyachi vaan dharile kari he Satiche’
(English version of these lines is: We have not taken this pledge with our eyes shut. We have chosen this path of struggle keeping the history in mind. With  great determination to burn in the fire we have taken the pledge to  sacrifice our lives for the nation.”)
The above lines show his intense patriotism very beautifully; but the then Central Minister Manishankar Ayyar could not bear these lines. The strong patriotic sentiments were not acceptable to perverted attitude and arrogant intellect of Manishankar Ayyar; therefore, with his sinful hands, he removed the said lines.

Mukund Sonpataki tries for memorial of Savarkar at India House, London !

Mr. Mukund Sonpataki resident of London should be given the credit for creating a world famous memorial of Veer Savarkar. Veer Savarkar used to stay at Bharat Bhavan (India House) in London between the years 1906 to 1910. Mr. Sonpataki corresponded with Greater London Council to found a rock-inscription to that effect. He met the concerned officers. The cost of founding such rock-inscription comes to about 1200 pounds. Such cost is born by Greater London Council. The only condition for founding such memorial is that such renowned personality should have completed birth centenary or 20 years should have been passed since such person’s death. The year 1983 was the centenary year of Veer Savarkar. Mr. Sonpataki, therefore, took the decision in keeping with the above conditions.

Sunil Gavaskar expresses gratitude towards revolutionaries !

Mr. Sonpataki did the job of explaining the mission of Veer Savarakar and their significance to the local officers. Veer Savarkar was foe according to the British. Even then, the just demand made by Mr. Sonpataki was accepted by Lord Frainer Brockway and Mr. Sorenson, two British MPs. The MPs from Labour Party were supporters of Hindustan’s freedom in the British Parliament. Understanding the importance of Veer Savarkar’s mission, Frainer Brockway, at the age of 84 years inaugurated the memorial of Swa. Savarkar on 8th June 1985. The program was attended by the famous Indian cricketer, Mr. Sunil Gavaskar as the chief guest. He said on the occasion, “We were born in independent India; but this memorial will always remind us of the fight given by Savarkar and other revolutionaries.”

British MP salutes Savarkar’s patriotism

Lord Frainer Brockway commended Savarkar’s mission in his short speech and said that his patriotism was so intense that even his foes could not have raised a doubt. The British did injustice to Savarkar; he was ruthlessly oppressed; but they never had a doubt about Savarkar’s nationalism. Such righteous and loyal patriot was staying in our city. All this history has been carved on the rock-inscription and it was founded at Bharat Bhavan with great honour. The letters inscribed on the rock –

Greater London Council,

Vinayak Damodar Savarkar, 1883 – 1966 ,Indian Patriot and Philosopher lived here.
Mr. Mukund Sonpataki , who got such rock-inscription founded with honour from an enemy, is worth remembering every day; whereas Manishankar Ayyar deserves to be condemned.

Anti-national Congress Government does not return the property of patriotic Savarkar confiscated by the British !

The property confiscated by the British in the year 1910 was not returned to Savarkar by Indian Government even after independence. It was contended by the Government that the property confiscated by a Court cannot be returned by the Government.
Look at the paradox, foreign rulers confiscated properties of patriots. After independence, our own Government was established, the foreign rule was over; but the Government led by Nehru didn’t show decency of returning property of a patriotic revolutionary; whereas patriotic citizens did justice to him. Savarkar’s house at Bhagur (Nashik) has become a national monument today.

Former Chief  Minister of Maharashtra who realized the importance of Savarkar !

The former Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Mr. Babasaheb Bhosale said during the Savarkar Centenary program in Mumbai that Savarkar’s advice was not taken, therefore, this country has suffered. Savarkar had condemned communalism through his writings and supported progress based on science. This was a huge debt.

Only time will teach a lesson to Savarkar-haters !

Manishankar Ayyar will not realize its importance; even Congress will not accept it because in Congress party, there is scarcity of righteous leaders like Savarkar with intense patriotism. Selfish power-hungry rulers cannot afford patriotism; therefore, their hands itch to remove Savarkar’s verses. Only time will teach a lesson to such persons. They should know that people still consider Veer Savarkar as the national leader and great national hero.
Source : HJS

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