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Mission Bengal Jihad : Mamata to convert west bengal as a Muslim state step by step

May 4, 2012

Vaishakh Shukla Trayodashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

After Imams now Mamata announces Rs 1000 a month for muezzins

Calcutta, India : Mamata Banerjee today announced a monthly honorarium of Rs 1,000 for muezzins working in mosques across the state.

Announcing the decision after a cabinet  meeting, the chief minister said she had received requests to help the  muezzins, who give the call to prayers.

“They are very poor. We have decided to  provide this assistance as it will help in their socio-economic  development. This is aimed at community development. A number of  community leaders had requested me to do something for the muezzins,”  Mamata said. “The Muslim population in Bengal is around 30 per cent, the  highest in India. They have to be given equal opportunities for their  socio-economic development.”

Last month, Mamata had announced a  similar scheme for imams. Each imam would get Rs 2,500 a month as  honorarium through the Wakf board. She had also announced a housing  scheme for the imams and formed a task force with clerics as members to  consider her proposals for the welfare of the imams. Mamata said the muezzins too would be  given the honorarium through the Wakf board. “The government also  utilises the services of the muezzins to raise awareness about schemes  such as the pulse polio drive. So the government should also do  something for them.”

The chief minister said Bengal was not  the only state to have offered welfare schemes to clerics. “We have not  done anything new. Karnataka and Tamil Nadu had also offered similar  financial assistance.” Earlier, the government had proposed  giving three cottahs to each imam in rural Bengal to build a house with  financial assistance from the government. Mamata had also offered  scholarships and stipends for the children of imams. Government sources  said these schemes could be extended to the muezzins, although no  decision had been taken yet.

“If the Ramakrishna Mission or the  Bharat Sevashram Sangha place any request before me, I will consider  those as well. Our government is also working for the development of  shrines in Tarakeswar, Tarapith and Nalhati,” she said.

The cabinet also cleared reservation for  Muslims under the other backward classes category. The Mamata  government has decided to add 33 Muslim sub-castes to the list of 65 so  that they get the benefit of reservation in educational institutes and  government jobs.

“The previous government had passed a  bill in a hurry and it was not approved by the governor. Court cases  were also filed. We have completed a survey. The new bill will be placed  in the next session of the Assembly,” Mamata said.

Source : Hindu Existence

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