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Term ‘Asian’ Protested by Hindus and Sikhs in UK

June 02, 2012
Jyeshth Shukla Chaturdashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

(CHAKRA) Hindu’s and Sikh’s are strongly protesting against the use of the term “Asian” for crimes whose major culprits are of Pakistani origin. As a result of the term being used for such a wide range of ethnicities, Hindu’s and Sikhs, among others are being categorized with groups of people who are recurring criminals in forced marriages and conversions.
The growing debate became prominent especially after the term “Asian” was being used to pinpoint male criminals who are grooming Hindu and Sikh women forcefully. Majority of the men accused in such grooming cases were of Muslim and Pakistan origin
According to the argument, describing the perpetrators as “Asian” is wholly inaccurate and resulting in more hatred towards Hindu’s and Sikhs as well, who have no part in such cases overall. Other communities of Asian origin are being labeled and placed in the same category as such criminals and this is unfair to the innocent.

The Network of Sikh Organizations UK, the Hindu Forum of Britain, and the Sikh Media Monitoring Group UK have joined together to bring light to the issue. The team also raised the growing issue of Pakistani Muslim men planning together to groom Hindu and Sikh women to fulfill their religious duty of growing their religious race. The main issue the team of organizations have is that such issues are rarely reaching the courts because of verbal abuse and force exercised by the male counterparts in a relationship with a Hindu or Sikh woman.

Source: Chakra News

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