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India – Hindus falsely implicated: ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) and Congress exposed

June 29, 2012
Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

By Adv. Sanjeev Punalekar, Advocate, Mumbai High Court

Now it is the time to learn :

• How Maharashtra ATS acted as accomplice of the Jihadi plotters?
• Conspiracy of ATS to implicate innocent Hindus in Malegaon 2008 case

Abu Jindal’s (Abu Jundal’s) arrest exposed the terror connection of Muslims from Maharashtra.  The bluff of Home Minister Mr. Chindambaran is exposed who had been vehemently denying any local hand in the 26/11 terror attack.  There were whispers as to how such massive attack could be possible without “local involvement”.

German Bakery Blast, the arms seizure in Aurangabad, the police encounter with LeT Jihadis at Aurangabad,  Blasts in Mumbai and other places of Maharashtra create serious concern on the issue of the involvement of local Muslims who hail from Malegaon, Beed, Bhiwandi, Parbhani, Pune, Sangli etc.

1. ’26/11 was handiwork of Hindus’ – voice raised by S. M. Mushrif, Congress leaders and Journalists

The Book written by  S.M. Mushrif “Who Killed Karkare?” tried to create an impression that the 26/11 attack was the handiwork of Hindus.  The accidental death of Mr. Hemant Karkare was exploited by the pro-terrorist lobby in Mumbai to glorify ATS which had in fact indulged in number of wrongs in Malegaon-2008 investigation.   Politicians like Digvijay Singh, Hussein Dalwai and Antulay  and Journalists like Mateen Hafeez joined the chorus.

Two facts were highlighted

1. The conversation in Marathi by one of the terrorists at Cama Hospital
2. A Story that some of the terrorists were spotted at Colaba area two-three days prior to the attack.
It was alleged that the Maharashtra police were trying to deliberately underplay such important information.

2. Abu Jindal’s arrest exposes the bluff of Chidambaram

Abu Jindal’s arrest exposes the bluff of Chidambaram that ‘Locals were not involved in 26/11 Mumbai attack’ . Following points should be noted :
1. The majority of attackers were indeed Marathi-speaking
2. Maharashtra police made no investigation about the identity of the slain terrorists
3. The slain terrorists’ dead bodies were secretly buried to destroy any further investigation
4. Nobody from Pakistan came forward even to claim their bodies.

3. Game-Plan of Maharashtra Police and Politicians to protect local terrorist network in Maharashtra

1. Maharashtra Government was trying to hush up the matter and it tried to internationalize the issue by blaming “Pakistan”.
2. Later it falsely implicated two Muslim under-trials from Uttar Pradesh namely Sabauddin and Faheem Ansari to divert attention from the home soil of Maharahshtra. In their judgments, the Session Court and High Court at Mumbai exposed the foolishness of police who had planted a map in the pocket of a slain terrorist but had not noticed  that there were not even any wrinkles or blood stains on the map.
Thus the game-plan was to divert attention to terrorist net-work at national and international level so that there would be no need to focus on Mumbai, Malegaon, Sangli, Beed or Pune.

4. Need for accepting and admitting certain shocking truths

4 A. ATS knew that Malegaon Blast-2008  occurred due to explosives stored by the Muslim terrorists.

1. Stocks of RDX at Malegaon was meant to be used for 26/11 attack : There had been whispers from day one that the ATS had discovered the hand of Muslim terrorists which had stored huge stocks of RDX at various places in Malegaon, Beed, Aurangabad, Bhiwandi etc. and one of such stock-piles had burst at Malegaon.
2. Invention of the theory of Scooter Blast : The engine number and chasis number of one scooter that was destroyed during the blast were completely invisible. It was only a “chemical restoration” (?) by ATS that the engine number and chasis number were “discovered” to be belonging to Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur. A Forensic Expert was planted by ATS for the job of “discovering”  the numbers of scooter belonging to Sadhvi.

4 B. ATS decided to implicate innocent Hindus to create a “bogie” of terrorist blast at Malegaon and started tapping phones of Hindu activists illegally
When Sadhvi was arrested, ATS claimed that they had some taped conversation between Sadhvi and Ramji. No such taped conversation is appended to the Charge-sheet. ATS suppressed all the tapes which would show innocence of the accused.

4 C. Role played by INDIABULLS at the behest of politicians of Maharashtra
ATS conducted a large number of illegalities. The ATS team took Mr. Sudhakar Chaturvedi in custody in the much prior to 20.10.2008 and he was shown to be formally arrested on on 20.11.2008. Thus Chaturvedi was in illegal custody and being tortured for a month.  During this illegal custody, ATS took him to Madhya Pradesh as they had decided to arrest and implicate Sameer Kulkarni.  Indiabulls came forward to provide a private aircraft to the ATS.  On 24.10.2008, Sudhakar Chaturvei was taken in the private aircraft of Indiabulls to Madhya Pradesh.  ATS officials Mr. Sunil Yadav, Mr. Sachin Kadam, Mr. Krishna Sawant  accompanied him.  The role of Indiabulls was dubious.

4 D. Mysterious entry of illegally detained Hindu activist by ATS
1. As the ATS was illegally detaining Chaturvedi, his  name was falsely mentioned as Sangram Singh.
2. The officials of Indiabulls were accomplices in this falsification of name. When the flight reached Madhya Pradesh, the news about Sangram Singh leaked. Local media published the name of “Sangram Singh”.
3. In fact the arrest of Sangram Singh was publicized even in a national daily Hindustan Times and also by the blogspot “Communalism Watch”.
4. As on date there is no accused person “Sangram Singh” in Malegaon-2008 charge-sheet.
5. When Mr. Chaturvedi obtained information under RTI Act, he came to know about the fraud played by the ATS in entering his name as “Sangram Singh”.

4 E. Use of ‘IndiaBulls’ to cover illegal activities of ATS
The police officer who left the private flight (for accommodating Samir Kulkarni on return journey) came separately to Mumbai and his travel record is available with the airlines through which he traveled.  This single incident reveals that the ATS was involved in illegalities and Indiabulls was assisting ATS.

4 F. RDX swab was planted by ATS at the house of Chaturvedi
In the Court Martial of Lt. Col. Purohit, a number of army personnel testified that the house of Chaturvedi was in possession of ATS officials much prior to 20.11.2008.  ATS had thus planted the swab of RDX at the house of Chaturvedi.

4 G. ATS also planted a Forensic Expert
Surprisingly, the chemical expert who “matched” the engine number and Chasis number of Sadhvi’s vehicle was later shifted to Mumbai and he was the same person who gave opinion about “Swab of RDX” at the house of Sudhakar Chaturvedi.

4 H. ATS deliberately ignored the alert about Mumbai attacks of 26/11
IB had cautioned ATS about the 26/11 attack. ATS was then busy in creating false evidence for Malegaon-2008 case and hence ATS looked to I.B. as a nuisance.  The alerts from IB about attacks on Mumbai were placed by ATS below the carpet. This brought about hundreds of death including the accidental death of Mr. Karkare.

4 I. Ignorance towards dubious role of Rahul Bhatt
1. The ATS completely neglected the role of local persons like Rahul Bhatt. ATS knew that any probing into such persons would expose the local network in the State and would ultimately expose the complicity of ATS in 26/11 Mumbai attack.
2. Even after Headley’s arrest, Rahul Bhatt was mum. Finally Headley himself revealed the name of “Rahul”. Indian officials went to USA to know who is this “Rahul” (as they were shaky at the name “Rahul”). When the name “Rahul Bhatt” finally cropped up Rahul reluctantly accepted that he was a friend of Headley and had been helping Headley.
3. Rahul shielded Rajaram Rege and other vital links. In his interrogation, Rahul suppressed the meeting between Headley and Rege (i.e. the person who was working in Shivsena Bhavan).
4. Rahul’s bluff exposed in second round of interrogation. In the second round of investigation of Headley, the Rege-connection came out. ATS had to summon Rahul when the news about Mantri was leaked by media in USA. It was only then that Rahul very reluctantly admitted Mantri connection. He has however not disclosed the names of his other accomplices.
5. How Recci of Sena Bhavan was considered a trivial fact to shield Rahul Bhatt ? The Rege-connection and especially the recci of Sena Bhavan was not a minor event that Rahul would forget. In  the mails sent by Headley,  Rege was lured about some financial transaction. It is clear that someone was supplying information about temptations of Mantri to Headley so that Mantri could be used as a Trojan Horse for an attack on Sena Bhavan.
6. The Mumbai police not only gave ‘clean cheat’ to Rahul but even refused to investigate into the acquaintances of Mantri and Rahul. This was obviously to save the final culprits i.e. Abu Jindal and company who had spread their network through persons like Rahul. Thus the Maharashtra police made every effort to scuttle any clues about “local links” of 26/11 attack.

5. ATS officials were guilty for 26/11 attack on Mumbai in many ways

1. They had placed the IB’s alert about the Mumbai attack below carpet.
2. They suppressed the fact that Malegaon -2008 was on account of RDX stored by the Jihadi network in Maharashtra.
3. To cover up the acts of Abu Jindal and his accomplices, ATS implicated innocent Hindus.
4. When the Mumbai attack materialized, ATS cleverly wriggled out of its investigation and dumped it on Crime Branch. Thus the largest terror attack was prosecuted not by ATS but by Crime Branch. The reason was simple- ATS officials did not want to stand in witness box and answer questions about the alerts received from IB and about the role of Maharashtra-based individuals in the terror attack.
5. Limiting the issue of Mumbai attack only to “Pak sponsored terror”,  implicating persons from UP,  planting a map etc. were only to safeguard the local terrorist Jihadi network.
6. It is with this same game-plan that the vital evidence relating to “Marathi-speaking” terrorist at Cama Hospital and terrorists being spotted at Colaba was hushed up.
7. Persons like Antulay, Mushrif, Hussein Dalwai, Mateen Hafeez were used for propagating a false theory of Hindu terror. (Mushrif himself is a Marathi and the entire incident took place in Maharashtra. However his book was first published at Delhi and in Urdu and that too by a publication house which publishes only books on Islamic values and theories.)

6. Rise of Jihadi terror in Maharashtra: The True Cause

Maharashtra had its first Muslim Chief Minister in the year 1980 when 84% of Maharashtra’s Muslims had recorded their mother tongue as Marathi.  Today, 91% of Maharashtra’s Muslim population is claiming “Urdu” as mother-tongue. This is not on account of influx of Urdu speaking people but because of Marathi Muslims taking up to Urdu. This trend creates a concern. However more concerning is a fact that the Urdu turned Marathi Muslims are now acting like their counter-parts in places like Kashmir. If this future trend is to be checked, the role played by ATS and its political masters needs to be exposed.

7. In the light of the above, we Hindus make the following demands

1. Constitute S.I.T. and investigate into the nexus of local persons in the 26/11 attack. For this purpose, the role of persons like Rahul Bhatt should be re-looked into.  All connections of Abu Jindal in Maharashtra should be thoroughly investigated.
2. The role of Indiabulls in illegalities of ATS should be investigated. Specific investigation about the financer of the flight-provider should be made.
3. The entire Malegaon -2008 event should be reinvestigated and the culprits belonging to Jehadi network who had stored the RDX at Malegaon should be booked.
4. Investigation should be conducted about role of ATS officials who ignored the alerts of IB about 26/11 attacks. The conspiracy with regard to their complicity in 26/11 attack should be investigated. Such officials should be severely punished.
5. The falsification of evidence in Malegaon- 2008 (including evidence relating to scooter, evidence relating to swab of RDX) and illegal detention of Sadhvi and Chaturvedi should be investigated by an independent S.I.T.
6. The policemen who committed irregularities (such as falsely bringing in the UP angle for diverting attention from local angle) should be suspended and arrested. It should be investigated as to who was their master.
7. The complaints filed by Chaturvedi, Lt. Col. Purohit, Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Sameer Kulkarni etc. about the atrocities by ATS should be investigated by an impartial agency.

Source: HJS

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