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Don’t let Assam tread on the path of Kashmir

August 12, 2012

Shravan Krushna Dashami, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

In the violence started by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators from 19th July, 77 persons have died and millions of local Hindus have become homeless.  For 2, 00,000 million citizens, 278 refugee camps were opened at Chirang, Bongaigaon and Dhubri Districts. Hindus have been displaced so easily in their own country. It is not a new thing for this nation. 4, 00,000 Hindus from Kashmir are spread over such camps in Delhi and at other places. The status of hygiene in these camps is very pathetic; from which one can imagine the condition of Bodo Hindus in the camps put up for them. It has been a regular policy of the Opposition Parties to raise voice and accuse that ‘the Government has failed to stop violence’.
Mr. Arun Jaitley, the senior BJP leader did that on Thursday. He raised the issue in the ongoing monsoon session of the Parliament and made an appeal to the Government that the issue should not be handled as a usual offence. He described the fight as ‘racial strife’ and tried to paint it with a brush of civility.

This is an attack by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators on Bodo Hindus. Race of Bodo Hindu is important for Indians because it is Indian. Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators should be driven away from there! Indians need not worry about their race. The word ‘racial strife’ was often used in last two decades in the context of fight between ‘Tamil tigers’ in Sri Lanka and Sri Lankan army. It was a fight started by Hindus whose past many generations had stayed there; but it is not so in Assam. In this case, the Bangladeshi Muslims, who infiltrated in Indian Territory, have driven away local Hindus forcing them to leave everything behind. The race of these infiltrators is not Indian. They have come with the purpose of Hindu genocide; so where is the need to tackle the issue in such polite language? Mr. Jaitley said that ‘From the present condition prevailing in some parts of Assam, it is likely that the fight may start again’. Who is responsible for this? Before Assam follows the path of Kashmir, it is necessary to drive away Bangladeshi Muslims. It is matter of love and respect for the country. The only solution to these problems is of course, establishment of ‘Hindu Nation’!

Source  : HJS

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