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H.H.Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj blesses FHA’s Unique Hinduism Education Calendar 2013

November 04, 2012
Ashwin Krushna Shashti, Kaliyug Varsha 5114



H.H.Viswayogi Viswamjee Maharaj Foundation for Universal Integration and
Peace recently performed a Sudarshan homam in the premises of Jet New
Jersey asramam, USA. During this event, H.H.Maharaj blessed FHA’s Unique
Hinduism Education calendar which explains various subjects like spiritual
science in Dharmik acts & festivals, Deities’ sattvik pictures that awaken
divine emotion, guidance on spiritual practice, stress management, and how
to live a sattvik lifestyle. H.H.Maharaj was very pleased and blessed FHA to
continue the selfless efforts to promote Sanatan Dharma education to Indo
American citizens in USA.

While discussing with FHA’s volunteers, He further said to be born as a
human being is in itself a precious gift. It is a rare gift of providence. Having
obtained this hard to get human birth, we must use this opportunity and
strive to make this life a purposeful one. We must first make ourselves
worthy of human birth. We must aspire to evolve from being an ordinary
human being to an enlightened person with human values and universal
perspective and finally to a selfless god-realized soul wherein we become one
with the Supreme Lord.

Divinity is nothing but a fully evolved perfect human being. This is the goal
of Sanatan Dharma – the path shown by our ancient sages. It provides a
clear path for helping us to evolve towards divinity. Sanatan Dharma is not
something that is limited only to a particular region or a particular religion
but is a universal approach. It is imminent need of the day to follow the
practical path of Sanatan Dharma to foster universal brotherhood, peace, and
happiness among the entire human race.

Sanatan Dharma declared that the whole world is a single family. It is this
Sanatan Dharma that emphatically affirmed that God exists equally in all
living beings. It also declared that the truth is one and implores us to realize
unity in diversity. It also gave us the value system that we should treat our
mother, father, teacher and guests as Gods.

Sanatan Dharma aims to reform individuals, strengthen families and
transform our homes into abodes of peace. Through this process of individual
transformation and creating strong united families, it aims to transform the
entire society as heaven on earth, as VAIKUNTHA (abode of Lord Vishnu) and
as ANANDANILAYA (abode of divine bliss).

Ignoring such a lofty Sanatan Dharma, individuals and families, we are
making plans to reform our society. That is why we are encountering failures
in every sphere and the entire world is getting embroiled in unrest, turmoil,
and confusion. In the name of modern civilization with all its unfettered
freedoms and perverted intelligence we are actually contributing to this
degradation all over the world. This indeed is a matter of grave concern.

First and foremost we must strive to reform individuals. Secondly, families
must be strengthened. Once this take happens, the society at large will
automatically be reformed and strengthened. A society filled with reformed
individuals and united families will exude peace and radiate bliss. It will lead
us to experience universal integration and all round peace and prosperity.

This indeed is the divine will of all Gods. This is the ardent desire and
message of all Sages and Saints. This alone is the hope, desire, goal and
destiny of the entire human race.



Source: Our Correspondent

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