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Success of Hindu Unity : Dr. Zakir Naik’s program at Mumbra (Thane, Mumbai – India) cancelled

December 04, 2012
Kartik Krushna Shashti, Kaliyug Varsha 5114


Protests by pro-Hindu activists lead to cancellation of Hindu-hater Dr. Zakir Naik’s meeting at Mumbra (Thane) : Hindus should offer gratitude at God’s feet for this success !


Thane (Maharashtra) : Owing to the strong protests by pro-Hindu organizations, Ganesha-devotees and Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS) made during past few days, meeting at Mumbra (Dist. Thane) by Hindu-hater, Dr. Zakir Naik, known for continuously spitting venom against seats of worship of Hindus and provoking Muslims through his speeches, has also been cancelled.The above information was given by Police Commissioner, K. P. Raghuvanshi to pro-Hindu activists who had gone to him for submission of a representation in this regard. (This is an example which shows that prayers and efforts of devout Hindus for protection of Dharma do reach God. Hindus should learn from this example and unite in large number to fight against injustice meted out to them so also increase ‘Kshatravrutti’(warrior attitude) ! – Editor SP)

Enraged Hindus stage demonstrations against Hindu-hater Dr. Zakir at Thane !

On 3rd December, pro-Hindu activists staged intense demonstrations in front of Government Rest House near District Collector’s office for their demand to cancel ‘International Islamic Conference’ organized by Dr. Zakir Naik between 14th and 23rd December at Mumbra as Dr. Naik has always insulted Deities worshipped by billions of Hindus and supported terrorism. In the demonstrations staged by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti (HJS), representatives of various pro-Hindu organizations, members and eminent personalities had participated. The pro-Hindu activists also insisted that Dr. Zakir should be arrested immediately and he should be banned from entering India. About 200 devout Hindus took part in these demonstrations. Many complaints have been lodged against him by pro-Hindu organizations and Ganesha-devotees in Maharashtra; but he has not yet been arrested which has led to a wave of rage amongst Hindus.

After the demonstrations held at 4.00 p.m., pro-Hindu organizations met District Collector P. Velarasu and Police Commissioner, K. P. Raghuvanshi and submitted a representation to them demanding immediate cancellation of Dr. Zakir’s program scheduled at Mumbra. They also submitted special proofs for such demand. During the demonstrations, hundreds of handbills were distributed giving information about Dr. Zakir’s fanatic machinations.

Clear the misconception that Hindus keep quiet even after ridiculing their seats of worship ! – Mr. Abhay Vartak, Sanatan Sanstha

Hindus are always taken for granted by Muslims, other indifferent Hindus and the Government; but this cannot go on. These demonstrations are to give a message that ‘Don’t take Hindus for granted’. Dr. Zakir has a misconception that nobody would oppose him even if he said anything against Hindus’ Deities, Saints and ‘Vedas’; or even if he ridiculed them. Don’t think that Hindus are quiet. Today, Dr. Zakir had to run from Somayya Grounds to a burrow in Mumbra owing to unity of Hindus. Till punishment is not meted out to those who support such anti-nationalists, we will not keep quiet.

Permission granted to Zakir Naik’s program has been cancelled! – Police Commissioner

Police Commissioner, K. P. Raghuvanshi said, “We have already received information about Zakir Naik and in that context, we have cancelled the permission granted for his program.”

Action will be taken for cancellation of program ! District Collector

HJS delegation met District Collector P. Velarasu when he said, “Necessary action will be taken for cancellation of the permission granted for this program. Also, letters will be sent to the Home Minister, officers of Home Department, Police Commissioner, Joint Police Commissioner (Law and Order) for taking stringent action against the concerned.”

‘Bandh’ should be observed in Thane on the day of Zakir’s program ! – Adv. Subhash Nalawade

Hindus never criticize Quran or Muslims; but persons like Zakir criticize Hindu Deities and their Holy Scriptures without having any knowledge about the same. If Zakir has guts, he should cut and re-join head of a boy from his community. If he does that, I will adopt Islam. The day, Zakir is going to have his program, Hindus should take steps for observing ‘Bandh’ in Thane.

Reckless Zakir has no standing for talking about Hindu Deities ! – H. B. P. Eknath Maharaj Sadgir

Thoughtless Zakir, who is a so-called Muslim thinker, has no right to talk about Hindu Deities. He should be arrested immediately. Police should take prompt cognizance and take legal action against Naik.

Tolerance shown by Hindus is not their cowardice ! – Mr. Prasad Vadake, HJS

Tolerance shown by Hindus is not their cowardice. Permission is granted promptly for programs organized by Muslims whereas Hindus are avoided to grant permission for holding demonstrations against Muslims. It indicates that Muslims get all benefits and Hindus only have to abide by law. Complaints have been lodged against Zakir at number of places still police are taking no action. This shows the pathetic condition of law and order. Dr. Zakir who supports terrorist Osama Bin laden should be declared as his spokesperson. This agitation will be carried on, in lawful manner, till Zakir Naik is not arrested and case of treason is not filed against his organization.

Pro-Hindu activists who took part in the demonstrations !

Mr. Dhananjay Desai of Hindu Rashtra Sena, Mr. Tatyasaheb Mane, Dombivali zonal Coordinator of Shiv Sena, Mr. Anil More of VHP, Mr. Rakesh Hindustani of Bajarang Dal, H.B.P. Eknath Maharaj Sadgir, H.B.P. Shivaji Maharaj Puri, Mr. Durgesh Parulkar of Hindu Mahasabha, Mr. Nilesh Kale, the President of Lashkar-e-Shivba, Mrs. Suvarna Avsare, the President of ‘Shivjyot West Maharashtra Mahila Mandal’, Mr. Nitin Mendal, the President of L. H. India group, Mr. Dilip Aloni, the Secretary of all India Bharat Brahmin Mahasangh’s Law Department, senior advocate of Mumbai High Court, Mr. Subhash Nalawade, Mr. Ketan Main of Hindu Warrior Group, seekers of Sanatan Sanstha and activists of HJS.
Source: HJS

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