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Home   News   Govt. will have tough time ahead if ‘Anti Cow-slaughter Act’ not implied : Warkari Sect

Govt. will have tough time ahead if ‘Anti Cow-slaughter Act’ not implied : Warkari Sect

December 15, 2012

Margshirsh Shukla Trutiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5114

Govt. will be made to sweat during winter session for imposition of ban on cow-slaughter !

Warkaris, who fight for every problem faced by Hindus, are the only ray of hope for Hindus !

From Left : H. B. P. Narhari Maharaj Chaudhary, H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal, ‘Santveer’ H. B. P. Bandatatya Karadkar and H. B. P. Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri

Pune (Maharashtra) : In independent India, there is enormous increase in slaughtering of cows. The Government is deceiving Hindus by naming slaughter-houses as ‘Meat processing Plants’. H.B.P. Prakash Maharaj Javanjal, the President of Maharashtra Rajya Warkari Mahamandal (MRWM) gave a warning to the Government during the press conference held here, of taking out a huge march on ‘Vidhan Bhavan’ on 19th December, during the winter session of the State Assembly that would make the Government sweat and agree for their demands. All Warkari brethren, pro-Hindu activists, organizations fighting for protection of cows etc. will participate in the march at Nagpur for implementation of law banning cow-slaughter and for cancellation of anti-superstitions Act. (Hindus should thank MRWM for standing up against Government Hindu-hatred ! Today, Warkari Mahamandal has been carrying out the task of protection of Dharma very effectively giving Hindus some solace that there is someone to fight for their cause ! – Editor SP)
The press conference was also attended by different dignitaries like ‘Santveer’ Bandatatya Karadkar, H. B. P. Narhari Maharaj Chaudhary, H. B. P. Rameshwar Maharaj Shastri, the President of ‘Warkari Prabodhan Mahasamiti’, H. B. P. Ranjane Maharaj, its District President for Pune, its Vice President, H. B. P. Mohan Maharaj Shinde, Its Public Relations Chief, H. B. P. Jalindar Kalokhe Maharaj, Mr. Sanjay Pande of ‘Gou-raksha’ Samiti and Mr. Sunil Ghanavat of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti.

Join the Nagpur rally, in large number ! – ‘Santveer’ Bandatatya Karadkar

H.B.P. Bandatatya Karadkar said, “We initiated extensive movement for banning cow-slaughter. We bowed the Government for driving away ‘Dow’ Company; similarly, we will force the Government to pass this Act. Come to Nagpur and take part in the march in large number !”

Warkaris will rouse the Govt. for implementation of cow-slaughter Act ! – H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj

H.B.P. Rameshwar Shastri Maharaj said, “The Government presented the Bill for imposition of ban on cow-slaughter in the Assembly session of 1995; but its implementation is delayed due to delay in getting the Act signed by the President. We will awaken the Government through the huge march at Nagpur and force them to pass this Act.”

Opposition to anti-superstitions Act is a movement !

H.B.P. Bandatatya Karadkar said, “Movement of opposition to anti-superstitions Act is going on. Warkari Sect opposes superstitions. People know the condition of law passed for banning smoking in the State. There is no point in playing with the words by passing a new Act.” When reporters asked about opposition to the Act against black magic, H.B.P. Narahari Maharaj Chaudhary said, “The existing laws are capable of eradication of superstitions and there is no need for a new Act. The Government is trying to pass this Act under the influence of few persons.”
Source : HJS

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